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Bahrain Banks


ABC International Bank plc ABC's strategy of diversified growth led to the development of its widespread network (the "ABC Group") of branches, representative offices, subsidiaries and affiliates in twenty countries around the world, including most principal international financial centers.
ABN AMRO Bank N.V. General Announcement
The ABN AMRO Access Terms & Conditions have been modified. The new terms and conditions become effective as of 1 November 2007 and replace all previous versions of the ABN AMRO Access Terms & Conditions. You will receive further information via Bankmail so make sure you check your Bankmail regularly.
ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is established at Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam, 0900 - 00 24 (€ 0.10 per minute).
ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is allowed to offer payment, savings and credit products, to act as intermediary for insurance and credit products and to offer and/or perform investment services. ABN AMRO Bank N.V. has been granted a banking licence by De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (Dutch Central Bank) and is entered in the register of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM).
Ahli United Bank The traditions of the Ahli United Bank (UK) and Ahli United Bank (Bahrain), (formerly called Al-Ahli Commercial Bank) bring complementary expertise to the AUB network - particularly AUB(UK)'s experience offering quality private banking services in London, and AUB Bahrain's reputation as the 'People's Bank' of Bahrain.
Al Baraka Bank Bahrain S.A.L. Al-Baraka Bank Lebanon S.A.L. is the Lebanese subsidiary of Al-Baraka Bank B.S.C., a Bahrain-based Islamic Bank. The bank was established in Lebanon in 1992 and it is the first developing Islamic bank in Lebanon.
Al Salam Bank Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Al Salam Bank is a dynamic, diversified and differentiated Islamic banking and financial services enterprise.
Incorporated on 19 January 2006 in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a paid-up capital of BD 120 million (US$ 318 million), Al Salam Bank commenced commercial operations on 17 April 2006. The Bank operates under Islamic principles in accordance with regulatory requirements for Islamic banks set by the Central Bank of Bahrain.
The Bank is equally committed to its role as a concerned corporate citizen, actively seeking ways to contribute and add value to the social and economic well-being of the local communities in which it invests and operates.
ALBARAKA ISLAMIC INVESTMENT BANK AlBaraka Islamic Bank is a leading Islamic Bank operating in Bahrain, covering Saudi Arabia, UAE, other GCC countries and Pakistan.
The bank has a large base of customers who aspire to conduct their investments and financial transactions on the lines of Islamic Sharia.
Arab Bank PLC Our mission has been the road map for leading to the bank's significant role in developing Arab economies through financing strategic infrastructural projects across the Middle East /North Africa region (MENA).
With Headquarters based in Amman, Jordan, the Arab Bank constitutes the first private sector financial institution in the Arab World.
The Arab Bank is ranked amongst the largest international financial institutions, with a rating of A- from Fitch, A- from Standard & Poor and A3 from Moody’s.
At end of 2007, Arab Bank Group achieved a pre-tax profit of US $1001.1 million. Total assets reached almost US $38.3 billion, while shareholders' equity base is US $6.9 billion.
The Arab Bank has an unmatched Global Arab branch network with 500 branches spanning 30 countries in 5 continents. We enjoy prominent positions in key financial markets and centers such as London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney and Bahrain.
We offer a variety of products and services covering four major areas: Personal Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB), AB Private Banking and Treasury, which are catered to serve the needs of individuals, corporations, government agencies and other international financial institutions.
Arab Banking and Finance Report on banking and finance in the Arab world; contains country profiles and listings, directory of banks and financial institutions, ranking by capital, ranking by assets, BIS capital adequacy ratio, bank ratings etc.
Arab Banking Corporation Arab Banking Corporation was incorporated as a Bahrain joint stock company on January 17, 1980 through a special decree by the Amir of Bahrain. It obtained an offshore banking unit licence from the Bahrain Monetary Agency on April 7, 1980, and began operations in the same month. It is headquartered at ABC Tower in the Diplomatic Area of Bahrain.
ARCAPITA BANK B.S.C.(C) Arcapita operates out of four offices in Bahrain, Atlanta, London and Singapore. The Bank has a paid-in capital of $225 million, of which approximately 81% is held by over 255 prominent individuals and institutions mostly from the Arabian Gulf region, and the remaining 19% is beneficially held by Arcapita’s management.
Arcapita has a balance sheet footing of $5.1 billion and an equity capital base of $1.3 billion. Arcapita has completed investments with a total transaction value of over $26 billion in its four lines of business, corporate investment, real estate investment, asset-based investment and venture capital. The Bank employs 306 people at its four offices.
Bahrain Credit The Company's main business is providing short, medium and long term consumer finance as described here below to residents of Bahrain.
Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company BSC, which is well known as “Tas’heelat” was established on 29th August, 1983 under Bahrain’s Commercial Companies Law 1975, as a closed Company with and authorised capital of BD. 10,000,000 and issued capital of BD 5,000,000 with an objective to act as a specialist finance Company.

In 1993, Tas’heelat became a public shareholding company with an authorised capital of BD 50,000,000 and issued capital of BD 11,000,000.

Effective 26th June, 2005, the Company became licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) to operate as financial institution.

In 1989, Tas’heelat acquired the agency right of Honda, Cadillac, Hummer and GMC cars dealership in Bahrain and Established National Motor Company (NMC).

In 1997, Tas’heelat Insurance Services Co. WLL was established to offer new and innovative financial services and insurance products. The Company offers a spectrum of insurance services under one roof.

In October 2002, Tas’heelat Real Estate Services Company (S.P.C) was established to offer investors and consumers a variety of real-estate related services such as property valuation, brokerage and management.
Bahrain Development Bank BDB commenced operations on January 20, 1992 as the country's premier Development Financial Institution. The Government had entrusted the Bank with the vital task of promoting investments in Bahrain, with the aim of diversifying the economic base, therby creating new employment opportunities for Bahrainis and contributing significantly to the overall socio-economic development of the country.
Over the years, BDB has extended its innovative mix of financial services to reach a large number of entrepreneurs, spread across a broad range of economic sub-sectors, including manufacturing, tourism, health, education, fisheries, agriculture, professionals, and other value-adding service activities.
By acting as an effective catalyst in the complex national economic programme of capital creation, employment generation, export promotion, import subsititution, technological upgradation, privatization and manpower development, BDB has come to be widely recognized as a vigorous and successful promoter of well-planned, market-driven business enterprises in Bahrain.
BAHRAIN INSTITUTE OF BANKING & FINANCE BIBF is a leading professional training Institute in Bahrain and the Gulf Region. It was founded in 1981 to provide essential training for the banking community in Bahrain. Since then it has evolved into an internationally recognized training and development organization where over 100,000 students have attended courses since its inception.
BIBF has been recognized as a provider of superior value, uncompromising high levels of customer satisfaction and results-oriented solutions.
Bahrain Middle East Bank BMB Investment Bank is a premier Gulf-based investment bank providing profitable and innovative quality investment products to our customers and substantial returns to our shareholders. We work to build enduring partnerships with shareholders, customers, leading investment and commercial banks, blue chip asset managers and our staff.
Bahrain Stock Exchange The geographic and strategic location of the Kingdom of Bahrain along with its free – economic policy that is open to local and foreign investors has contributed to enhancing Bahrain’s position as a leading banking and financial center. Bahrain’s dynamic economic policy aims to diversify the sources of income and eliminate the restrictions and barriers that might hinder local trade and the economic and financial relations with other countries worldwide.
The Kingdom of Bahrain was able to reinforce its position as a financial center due to its highly skilled workforce and solid infrastructure to become a financial hub, setting an advanced infrastructure in the telecommunications sector and other important sectors for the operation of banks and financial institutions.
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait was established in 1971 in both the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Kuwait. Its shareholders consist of the general public and government of Bahrain, and banks and investment companies in Kuwait. The bank now operates in four countries including India and the UAE.
BANKER'S SOCIETY OF BAHRAIN Established in 1979 by Ministerial Decree, the Bankers’ Society of Bahrain is the professional association of banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In 2007 there were 94 members banks of the Society.
Central Bank of Bahrain The Central Bank of Bahrain ('CBB') is a public corporate entity established by the Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law 2006. It was created on 7th September 2006.
The CBB is responsible for maintaining monetary and financial stability in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It succeeded the Bahrain Monetary Agency, which had previously carried out central banking and regulatory functions since its establishment in 1973 (shortly after Bahrain secured full independence from Great Britain).
The CBB inherits the BMA's 33-year track record and wide range of responsibilities. It implements the Kingdom's monetary and foreign exchange rate policies, manages the government's reserves and debt issuance, issues the national currency and oversees the country's payments and settlement systems. It is also the sole regulator of Bahrain's financial sector, covering the full range of banking, insurance, investment business and capital markets activities.
The CBB's wide scope of responsibilities allows a consistent policy approach to be undertaken across the whole of the Kingdom's financial sector. It also provides a straightforward and efficient regulatory framework for financial services firms operating in Bahrain.
Citibank Bahrain wing of the US bank; web site has details of services offered including personal accounts, credit cards, loans, investment products, treasury products etc.
DEUTSCHE BANK Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong and profitable private clients franchise. Its businesses are mutually reinforcing.
80,253 employees in 75 countries
Unparalleled financial services throughout the world.
A leader in Germany and Europe, the bank is powerful and growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets.
Gulf Finance House Gulf Finance House (GFH) is one of the most successful and innovative Islamic investment banks in the Middle East. GFH specializes in the identification and development of initiatives that unlock opportunity and accelerate economic growth. With a focus on the conception and delivery of high value economic infrastructure projects currently valued at over US $20 billion GFH is set for another watershed year.
GFH pursues a unique business model that consistently outperforms the market, delivering high returns on client equity in successive projects as evidenced by the 61 % increase in profits to US $340 million during 2007. The GCC investment community holds GFH in high regard and continue to demonstrate the faith they hold in our ability to maintain a pipeline of high value initiatives. Showing strong loyalty, more than 25% of our investors roll over their returns in GFH funds.
Gulf International Bank As a merchant bank, GIB serves GCC-based clients in a range of specialised areas. These include corporate advisory, asset management, structured and project finance and GCC capital markets activities.
Client-led corporate finance has resulted in a broad range of mandates being executed including merger and acquisition transactions and debt and equity placements.
While the Kingdom of Bahrain is the hub of GIB’s relationship banking activities, Gulf International Bank (UK) Limited (GIBUK), the Bank’s principal subsidiary, provides a centre of excellence for asset management and investment banking. The Riyadh and Jeddah branches facilitate deeper penetration of the large Saudi Arabian market and position GIB favourably for expansion in the investment banking arena.
GIB has dealing rooms in Bahrain, London, Riyadh and New York, implementing hedging and investment strategies, managing proprietary investment and trading securities portfolios, and investing in specialised markets through external fund managers, to achieve effective risk diversification.
Foreign exchange and money market activities include deposits and placements, Euro-commercial paper, spot and forward foreign exchange transactions, margin trading facilities, and foreign exchange and interest rate derivative instruments.
HSBC Bahrain HSBC Holdings plc is a public limited company incorporated in England and Wales, headquartered in London. It is the world's largest company and the world's largest banking group, as calculated based on different metrics by the annual Forbes list of the world's largest firms published on April 2, 2008. In February 2008, HSBC was named the world's most valuable banking brand by The Banker magazine.
HSBC Holdings was established in 1990 to become the parent company to The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in preparation for its purchase of Midland Bank in Britain and in change of domicile for the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. The former was established virtually simultaneously in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865 to finance the growing trade between China and Europe by Scotsman Thomas Sutherland, who wanted a bank operating on "sound Scottish banking principles". Its heritage in East Asia means it is a British institution with an extensive international pedigree.
HSBC is well-known in banking circles for its diversified and risk-averse approach in its business operations (to the extent that, for instance, Europe contributes around one-third of its 2007 earnings and commercial banking 30%).
KOREA EXCHANGE BANK (BRANCH) Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) (KRX: 004940) is a South Korean bank specializing in foreign exchange. It is headquartered in Seoul, and was established in 1967. Korea Exchange Bank is the largest foreign exchange bank in South Korea and had a big impact in the banking industry in South Korea.
National Bank of Bahrain The country’s premier financial institution and the first Bahraini bank, founded in 1957. Leading provider of commercial and retail banking services in Bahrain through a nationwide network of 25 branches and 42 (including Abu Dhabi branch) automatic teller machines (ATMs).
PNB Paribas As the nation s bank with the largest global network, КЕБ is fast becoming the best customer-oriented bank in Korea particularly due to its specialized knowledge in the foreign exchange sector and other high-quality services which it provides. Due to its strategic marketing practices and effective use of capital and manpower, KEB is setting the pace for all other banks to follow, making it an industry leader.
KEB surpassed 1 trillion won in net profits for 2005 and 2006. As a global bank representing one of the most dynamic regions of the world, Northeast Asia, KEB has been securing the top position in terms of capital level, profitability and asset soundness since its establishment
Shamil Bank of Bahrain Shamil Bank is a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, with commercial and investment banking activities. It has grown steadily to become one of Bahrain’s leading financial institutions.
Shamil Bank provides a diverse range of products and services that cater to the financing and investment needs of individuals and institutions. Conducting its business in compliance with the principles of Sharia’a, it operates a network of local branches and maintains a presence in overseas markets through its subsidiaries, associated and affiliated companies.
Shamil Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ithmaar Bank B.S.C., a full service investment bank.
Standard Chartered Bank The Standard Chartered Group was formed in 1969 through a merger of two banks: The Standard Bank of British South Africa founded in 1863 and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, founded in 1853.
Both companies were keen to capitalise on the huge expansion of trade and to earn the handsome profits to be made from financing the movement of goods from Europe to the East and to Africa.
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Above may be not an exhaustive list of banks in this country. Also, the information might be outdated or wrong.

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