Countries that have the biggest foreign-currency reserves (excluding gold) financial articles
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Countries that have the biggest foreign-currency reserves (excluding gold)

By Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia


This is a list of the top 30 countries of the world sorted by their foreign-exchange reserves excluding gold reserves.

The table includes the latest available data, mostly from the International Monetary Fund, and includes certain economies that are not considered to be countries (such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, because of their special economic statuses).

Rank Country Foreign-exchange reserves
Ex. Gold
(Millions of US$)
Figures as of
1 People’s Republic of China 3,821,315 December 2013
2 Japan 1,246,281 January 2014
3 Saudi Arabia 726,673 January 2014
4 Switzerland 490,556 January 2014
5 Russia 457,211 January 2014
6 Republic of China (Taiwan) 416,935 January 2014
7 Brazil 358,232 January 2014
8 Republic of Korea 343,600 January 2014
Eurozone.svg Eurozone 337,923 January 2014
9 Hong Kong 312,145 January 2014
10 India 285,081 April 2014
11 Singapore 271,326 January 2014
12 Mexico 178,056 January 2014
13 Thailand 160,556 January 2014
14 United States 135,016 February 2014
15 Malaysia 131,725 January 2014
16 United Kingdom 122,487 January 2014
17 Turkey 104,655 January 2014
18 Poland 102,198 January 2014
19 Indonesia 97,479 January 2014
20 Denmark 85,047 February 2014
21 Israel 83,191 January 2014
22 Canada 72,658 January 2014
23 Philippines 71,632 January 2014
24 Germany 66,902 January 2014
25 Peru 63,781 January 2014
26 Sweden 61,229 January 2014
27 Norway 59,644 January 2014
28 Czech Republic 55,795 January 2014
29 France 54,496 January 2014
30 Italy 51,071 January 2014

Published - May 2014

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