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Ireland Insurance Companies

  • Birch Insurance
    Established in 1992 Birch Insurance has grown rapidly to become one of the leading Brokers in Guernsey.
    Experts are available for all your insurance enquiries and are backed by one of the most advanced Insurance Computer packages currently available.
    Our aim is to provide all our customers with a first class service, and products which suit their needs.
    As Independent Brokers we are not tied to any Insurance Company. This means that we will not offer you what we have, but what you need.

    P.O. Box 150,
    Hirzel Court, St Peter Port,
    Guernsey GY1 4ER

    Tel: 01481 721791
    Fax: 01481 722686

    E-mail: admin at

  • Insurance Institute of Guernsey
    The Insurance Institute of Guernsey, founded in 1984 provides a local presence for the Chartered Insurance Institute. Prior to its formation it had been a Local Committee of the Insurance Institute of Southampton since 1959.

    P.O. Box 384
    St Peter Port
    Guernsey GY1 4NF
    Tel: 01481 720049
    Fax: 01481 710455

    E-mail: iig at

  • John Ellis Insurance
    From Life Insurance to Pensions, we have a product tailored to suit your specific needs.
    John Ellis Insurance is a multi-agency intermediary regulated by the Irish financial services regulatory authority.
    - Life
    - Critical Illness
    - Canada Life Freedom Plan - Income Protection
    - Business Partner Insurance
    - Mortgage Protection
    - Hibernian Term Assurance
    - Irish Life Pension Term Assurance
    - Keyman Insurance

    Tel: ROI: 056 7728830 International: +353 56 7728830
    Fax:ROI: 056 7728829: +353 56 7728829
    E-mail: info at

  • John Power Insurances Ltd
    John Power Insurances Ltd have been based in the Limerick area for 35 years. We have built a reputation for customer service and integrity and we remain one of the longest operating brokers in the city. We are fully bonded, have all relevant professional indemnity insurance and are regulated by the IFSRA as a multi-agency independant intermediary.

    Roxboro Road,


  • Lynskey Ryan Insurances Ltd.
    Lynskey Ryan Insurances are independent Insurance Brokers representing all the major Insurers in Ireland offering our Clients:
    - Independent Professional Insurance Advice
    - Extensive Choice of Products
    - Best Protection For Money Spent
    - Superior Personal Service For All Our Customers Large And Small
    Don't delay - contact us today for...
    - Motor
    - Home
    - Personal Accident
    - Travel
    - Liability Insurance.
    - Professional Negligence
    - Business Insurance
    Lynskey Ryan Insurances are a member of the Irish Brokers Association . This gives our Clients "peace of mind" because:
    - We hold Professional Negligence Insurance with a limit of ?3,800,000.
    - We are members of the Investor Compensation Scheme.
    - We hold a Compensation Bond for up to ?63,500 for any one Client.
    - We employ competent, well trained staff
    - We always put the Customer first.
    We are also members of Brokerline Direct a group of independent Brokers located throughout Ireland sourcing "good value" products for individuals and Businesses.

    First Floor
    Hibernian House
    Eyre Square
    Tel: 091 567136
    Fax: 091 567549
    E-mail: post at

  • Michael Scroope Insurances Ltd
    Michael Scroope Insurances Ltd was established in 1987. Michael Scroope has just completed 28 years in the insurance industry as an Independant Insurance Broker. The Company ia a member of The Irish Brokers Association, (IBA), is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland as an Authorised Advisor and Michael is a member of the Life Insurance Association, (LIA). The Company holds Agencies with all leading providers of General Insurance and Life, Pension and Investment products and can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your insurance requirements.Our main priorities are to provide
    - A Professional and Friendly Service to our Clients
    - Suitable and competitively priced range of products

    48 Pearse Street,
    Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

    Tel: 067 32055 or 31421
    Fax: 067 31802
    E-mail: mscroope at

  • Nordben
    Nordben is a Life and Pension Insurance company co-owned by four leading Nordic Insurance companies. The Company was established in December 1985 to provide flexible pension and insurance solutions especially designed for Expatriates, Third Country Nationals and Local Key Personnel.
    From Guernsey the Company provides Individual and Group solutions, covering life, disability, retirement pensions, survivor's pension, children's pension, annuities, endowment assurance and pension savings and all available in a range of currencies.
    In addition to the above Nordben provides further service through its subsidiary Nordben Pension Trustees Limited.

    Harbour House,
    South Esplanade,
    St Peter Port,
    Guernsey GY1 1AP,
    Channel Islands.

    Tel: +44 (0) 1481 702900
    Fax: +44 (0) 1481 710719
    E-mail: info at

  • O'Mahony Boylan Golden (Munster) Ltd
    O'Mahony Boylan Golden (Munster) Ltd was established in 1982 and was based in the financial district of Cork City at 93, South Mall, Cork.
    Due to a major increase in business we relocated our operations to "Insurance House" 23, Parnell Place, Cork in 1986.
    In these 20 years of business, we have seen a huge growth in our client base and we now arrange cover for 20,000 customers in the Cork City, Cork County and Munster areas.
    We specialise in arranging motor, house and travel insurance.
    To consolidate our position as a market leader in the personal lines insurance sector we amalgamated with the O'Leary Insurance Group in 1990 and we are now part of the largest independent Insurance Broking Group in the Republic of Ireland.
    We deal with 20 different insurance companies and this enables us to offer the best deal to our clients in terms of price, cover and service. We offer professional and independent advise on our specialist range of products ie. motor, household and travel insurance.
    Our company is bonded and carries professional indemnity insurance and we are members of the Irish Brokers Association. The company is regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority as an authorised advisor.
    The directors of the company are A.O'Leary, A.F. O'Leary B.Comm, W. A. Brooks and W.K. Kenny F.C.I.I.
    We look forward to arranging your insurance and assure you of a quality service with quality products.

    Insurance House,
    23 Parnell Place, Cork.

    Tel: 021-4270048
    Fax: 021-4274038
    Email: info at

  • Pentagon Insurance
    Guernsey is one of the world's leading offshore financial centres and benefits from a long history of political and fiscal stability. Over two thirds of all commercial activity on the Island is geared towards the provision of an exhaustive range of legal and financial services. The Island's legal independence has made it an ideal offshore location for wealthy individuals to protect their assets. Guernsey benefits from low rates of taxation and is free of Inheritance Tax and Wealth Tax. By using the services of Pentagon Insurance for your insurance requirements, you will also have the benefit of access to other Heritage Group services that will enable you to maximise the advantages to be gained from it's offshore location.

    Polygon Hall
    PO Box 225
    Le Marchant St
    St Peter Port
    Guernsey GY1 4HY
    Channel Islands

    Tel: +44 (0) 1481-740000
    Fax: +44 (0) 1481-740004

    E-mail: pentagon at

  • Ross Gower Group
    Ross-Gower can trace its roots in the Channel Islands back to 1948.
    Ross Gower is a Guernsey Insurance Broker focused on providing an all round service for its local clients. The company is Intermediary licenced by Guernsey Financial Services Commission to provide advice on insurance products.

    The company has adapted its services, which take into account the changing market, and needs of the client.
    The first of these changes was to negotiate an exclusive Motor Insurance facility for the company's local clients. This can be accessed through Motor Quotations On-line. The interactive quotation is believed to be the first of its kind in Guernsey and has been simplified to minimise the time spent in obtaining a quotation.
    Another exclusive facility is the Companies Commercial property and liability insurance cover, which allows Ross Gower to offer competitive terms for a wide range of businesses.
    An exclusive household Insurance facility is also available ensuring highly competitive premiums and cover.
    Important with any insurance business is the ability to deal with claims. A dedicated claims department ensures that the delays and problems that can be experienced are minimised.

    PO Box 2, 1st Floor,
    TSB House, Le Truchot,
    St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3AA.
    Tel: 722222
    Fax: 711861
    E-mail: info at

  • Top Quote Direct
    At Top Quote Direct, we strive to provide a competitive motor policy with the most comprehensive benefits package around. Understanding the circumstances of each individual is paramount to our business ethos. In order to provide the best possible service, we concentrate exclusively on high quality Motor and Home insurance services.

    Co. Donegal

    Tel: 1890 788787
    Fax: 074 9128628
    E-mail: info at
  • Wexford Insurances Ltd - Wexford Insurances Ltd. was established in 1996 and since then have become one of Ireland\'s leading Insurance brokerages servicing customers nationwide.
    A dedicated, experienced team ensure a quality service from them at all times.
    With 14 years experience Wexford Insurances have gone from strength to strength through providing exceptional service, sound advice, excellent insurance solutions and continuous support to their clients. Most notably, unlike other brokerages they are there to assist you when things go wrong. Their dedicated Claims Department is managed by Deborah Walsh who possesses over 10 years claims settlement experience.
    Specialists in Equine Insurances they understand that Ireland has worldwide recognition in the Equine Industry. It is this understanding that makes them unique in providing a quality, professional service both on a business level and on a personal level, at low premiums.
    Wexford Insurances work closely with their underwriters to provide tailored and specialist packages in many industries as listed below:
    •Business / Commercial Insurance
    •Professional Indemnity
    •Motor Trade Insurance
    •Personal Insurance
    •Haulage Insurance
    •Renewable Energy insurance
    •Non Profit Organisations Insurance
    Call NOW to discuss your needs with your dedicated account handler on 0818 31 30 30.

    86 South Main Street
    Wexford Town
    Phone: 0818 31 30 30, 053 91 23922
    E-mail: info at
  • Willis Group
    We are one of the world's leading risk management and insurance intermediaries.
    We're in the business of identifying, analyzing and managing risk. We deliver professional risk transfer, risk management, loss management and actuarial services to companies, as well as financial and employee benefits consulting.
    What makes us different is our entrepreneurial approach and commitment to the delivery of customized solutions. We concentrate on what we do best - broking, risk management and consulting. We provide clients with excellent local service, while enabling them to access our extensive network of global resources. We constantly strive to improve our offerings - from state-of-the-art product solutions to excellent claims processing.

    E-mail: joe at

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