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Accounting Payroll & Business Services Ltd, Waterford, Ireland - Accounting Payroll & Business Services Ltd – Offers efficient and competitively priced accountancy and payroll packages to sole traders and limited companies.

Alexander & Shank, Clearwater, USA - We are the fine homes specialist in the greater Tampa Bay Area. Buying or Selling or simply relocating, we will make you feel at home.

Assured Money Solutions NI, Northern Ireland Newry, Belfast - A local debt management company that provides professional debt advisory and plans through a network of qualified debt counsellors.

CCW Global Insurance Brokers, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - CCW Global is a leading international insurance brokerage specializing in Health, Life, Business, and Art insurance products worldwide.

Centaurus Financial - Centaurus Financial is a certified financial planner helping individuals set and achieves their long-term financial goals through a wide range of financial products and services, thus helping clients increase their net worth.

China Health Insurance Company - China Health Insurance is the premier broker of China Health Insurance plans. Working with over 60 of the best international health insurance companies, and possessing an intimate knowledge of the Chinese healthcare market, China Health Insurance can help to find the medical protection which best meets your needs. Shanghai, China.

Charter Franchise Group Inc. - Charter Franchise Group Inc is a full service franchise consulting and development firm specializing in developing new franchises. They coordinate all of the legal compliance, franchise marketing and sales of the franchise opportunity. Houston, USA.

Christian Debt Services, Boca Raton, USA - Christian Debt Consolidation Services and our network of service providers are dedicated to helping people become debt free.

Delvalle and Delvalle - Delvalle and Delvalle gives you the information needed for offshore company formation, IBC, PIF and other Panama offshore company registration initiatives.

Drole Computing Services Ltd, Middlesex, UK - A UK-based umbrella company that specialises in client invoicing, payroll handling, professional and public insurance, and pension contributions.

Exclusive Coins, Essex, UK - Exclusive coins specialist in finding the finest Exclusive collectible coins that are worthy of your old Gold and Silver coin collection.

Fat Premiums, Pierrefonds, Canada - Strategic weekly options with high premium returns.

FCBA Offshore, Riga, Latvia - FCBA Offshore Ltd is the specialist of the offshore business. FCBA Offshore Ltd has been founded by experienced professionals of the offshore business willing to set-up there own company thanks to there strong connections within the business. Thanks to its network, FCBA Offshore Ltd has been able to create simple, efficient and affordable offshore porducts. Our mission is to find an offshore solution which will fit with your personal or professional situations and to take care of all administrative tasks related to the incorporation of your offshore company as well as all other ones (including accoutning) required on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This is our big advantage in comparison with our competitors who are always ready to help you to incorporate your company in the beggining but who will later disappear and let you administrate your offshore company by yourself.

Fresh Start Solutions - Experts in financial advice for bankruptcy, liquidation and insolvency.

Funding Gates - offers Receivables & Debt Collection Software for small businesses to efficiently manage their receivables.

GMS - Global Management Services - GMS Global Management Services is one of Asia's leading professional financial advisors with well over 100 years of combined experience in the wealth management arena. Jakarta, Indonesia.

GoldMoney - A company that provides an easy and cost-effective way to acquire gold, silver, platinum and palladium online.

Hong Kong Health Insurance Companies - Established in 1999, Hong Kong Health Insurance is the oldest and largest dedicated medical insurance brokerage in Hong Kong. As such, we have unsurpassed knowledge of healthcare concerns in Hong Kong, the activities of the local insurance market, and can give you in-depth information available nowhere else. Hong Kong. - provides investment and financial resources for expatriates all across the world and has a vast repository of information pertaining to FATCA, QROPS, international finance and much more.

Insurance Software by ComtecGlobal - ComtecGlobal provides Insurance Software Solutions for policy management, property and casualty insurance, administration & claims management. New York, USA.

IVA Help - Our IVA service allows you to reduce your debts. We offer IVA help and completely confidential IVA services. Debt help from IVA experts.

Japan Health Insurance - Japan Medical Insurance provides comprehensive Japanese Health Insurance plans to expatriates residing in Japan. We also provide health insurance plans to Japanese Nationals currently outside of the country. Working with more than 60 insurance companies Japan Medical Insurance is able to provide a wide range of coverage options. Hong Kong.

LC Capital, Madison, USA - Madison Alabama financial advisors specializing in financial planning for current and future retirees. Find out how our Madison AL Tax Services can get your taxes done for 50% less than last year. - ECONOMY PORTAL: Financial Institutions, Economy Organizations, The Banks of the World.

One Axcess - Access to 10 securities markets, over 55,000 mutual funds and 8 major currencies to rebalance portfolios and transact in, provides Wealth Managers, Independent Financial Advisors, Corporate Pension and Trust Advisors with global reach. While online Client statements, single, bulk and limit trading orders with stop-loss functions, ease of execution and confirmations provide 100% transparent reporting. Hong Kong.

Profit Confidential - Welcome to the trusted source of financial updates, New York, USA.

Sandy Morris Financial Services - Our retirement planning advisors can assist you in implementing wealth accumulation, asset protection, tax planning, estate planning, income planning, long-term care and life insurance strategies into your retirement planning portfolio. We want to provide you with a sense of well-being, knowing that you will maintain the same quality of life (or better) during your retirement years and feel at ease in knowing that your estate will be passed onto your heirs in the most tax-advantageous manner possible. Tampa, USA.

SBCS - SBCS is a business consulting firm assisting companies and corporations worldwide to finance projects, and through its financial partners it offers a complete and specialized full financial service, specifically and individually structured to you or your client's needs. A commitment to excellence in meeting our clients requirements is a commonly shared vision of everyone at SBCS.

SBCS provides professional business consulting services for two business categories as follows:

-Funding Solutions
-Business Plan preparation
-Business Consulting

ShareMoney© - ShareMoney© is the online money transfer service of Omnex Group, Inc. Omnex Group has been in the money transfer business for over 20 years. We are a licensed money transmitter who send over a billion dollars each year in money remittances.

Southern Heritage Financial Group, Tennessee, USA - Help you prepare for retirement by Planting, Protecting, and Preserving your legacy. Reap the benefits of a well-planned retirement.

Tila Solutions - Tila Solutions is an audit company providing securitization audits and forensic loan audits and referrals to legal professionals for quiet title, and foreclosure defense and wrongful foreclosure against predatory lenders. Complete Credit Restoration Services. Bakersfield, USA.

Tortoise Capital Advisors, L.L.C., Leawood, KS, USA - Provides domestic and international equity funds.

UAE Medical Insurance Plans - UAE Medical Insurance is a broker of expatriate health insurance plans to foreign nationals residing in the UAE, GCC, and Arabian Gulf region. Working with over 60 leading international insurance companies, UAE Medical Insurance can help to find the coverage which is right for you. Singapore.

Windwärts Energie GmbH - Kerngeschäft ist die Projektentwicklung und Finanzierung sowie der Bau und Betrieb von Windenergie- und Photovoltaikanlagen der Megawattklasse. Windwärts erwirbt Projekte in allen Planungsstadien, bietet als Emissionshaus für nachhaltige Kapitalanlagen finanzielle Beteiligungen an seinen Projekten an und plant und errichtet schlüsselfertige Windenergie- und Photovoltaikanlagen als Generalübernehmer.

Xpress Money, Bangalore, India - With Xpress Money, transferring money is simple, fast and safe. With a vast presence in 5 continents and 150 countries, Xpress Money is one of the most dependable money transfer brands globally.

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Will USA announce default on its debt?

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Is there a secret world government?

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Do you know that money is a good servant but a bad master?

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Is Forex similar to gambling?

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What is your occupation?

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Do you ever spend money for things you can do without?

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Do you know that it is extremely hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God?

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Why do you want to earn more money?

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Are you determined and working hard to get out of debt?

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What is your net yearly income (after taxes), USD?

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What percentage of your income goes for paying your debts off?

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What percentage of your income do you save?

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What is the first step one should make to get out of debt?

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Have you noticed that the more you give, the more you get?

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What part of your income do you donate to charities?

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What part of your income do you donate to Church?

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What is the most important thing in getting out of debt?

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What country has the healthiest (the most stable, reliable, and promising) economy?

Poll #013
Do you think credit cards are useful or harmful for people (not for bank owners)?

Poll #010
What currency is the strongest - in the long run (for the next 10-30 years)?

Poll #009
Do you have any savings?

Poll #008
Do you have any debts?

Poll #007
What is your religion?

Poll #005
What country are you from?

Poll #004
Do you think cash will eventually be removed from circulation?

Poll #003
What investment brings the highest profits with lowest risk?

Poll #002
What is the most reliable way to save money?


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