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Credit Cards


The Risk of Credit Card Balance Transfers - Several Tips
In today's financial market more and more people are turning to credit card balance transfers instead of the traditional home equity lines that they have been used in the past. During the refinance hay-day throwing a tax deductible line of credit on the home to wipe out the credit cards was a no-brainer. Nowadays, shrinking home values and a turbulent secondary market are causing most banks have to hold these loans as opposed to selling them
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The Plastic Trap - Personal Responsibility For Your Debt
Recently, I read a report called “The Plastic Safety Net: The Reality Behind Debt In America”. This report is all about Americans using and building up credit debt due to life emergencies and trying to keep up with standard cost of living expenses…
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How To Get Your Credit Card Payments Under Control
Credit cards can be a nice convenience but they can also get you into a lot of trouble. If you have charged your cards up to the limit and are now having a hard time paying the bills you are not alone. Statistics show that the average credit card debt for each household in the U.S. is $4,800 per month…
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Factors That Trigger Credit Card Rate Hikes
Are credit card companies trying to scam you? On the one hand, they provide a valuable service that gives you the added convenience of being able to purchase items and services you need and sometimes don't need and to pay them off in a manner that best suits you…
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Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt Forever - Without Stress
In recent years, the amount of credit card debt being carried by Americans has reached hundreds of billions of dollars, with interest payments each year that would sink the economies of many small nations. But you can eliminate your credit card debt forever, even if everyone around is stuck in an endless cycle of debt slavery. How? Read on, dear internet friend…
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How Credit Card Debt Effects You
The statistics are truly mind numbing and continue to get worse each and every year. At the current rate about 1% or one in a hundred families will be forced to declare bankruptcy at some point and over 90% of Americans' disposable income is spent paying back debts…
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A Credit-Free Card: What Is A Prepaid Credit Card?
In this high-tech era of computers and machines, the purchasing power of people is mostly based on credit. Nowadays, credit cards are almost indispensable in almost any business transaction. For one, nobody can purchase anything online without a credit card…
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I'm A Credit Card Deadbeat: You Can Be One Too!
I am delighted to say that I am a credit card deadbeat! In fact, some of you might already be credit card deadbeats too, if so, I commend you for your excellent work! Now, as for those who don’t know what a credit card deadbeat is, before you start thinking I have a screw loose, you may want to continue reading!…
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Closing Your Credit Card Account
It is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world. You’re trying to rid yourself of your debts. You’re putting more and more of your paycheck towards your credit cards. You’re gradually paying them off. Finally, the day arrives when you clear the entire outstanding balance. The card is finally cleared…
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Consolidate, Before It's Too Late
Credit cards have revolutionized the purchasing experience since Diners Club released the first credit card in 1950.
It gave consumers limited credit that, at times, even surpassed their own personal savings. It allowed them to buy items they cannot usually afford with a straight cash purchase…
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Using Your Credit Card While On Vacation
Aiming to save money on our credit cards should be something that we all should be doing. This can be done by switching your credit card to one that has a 0% interest free offer on balance transfers and purchases, or simply playing a credit card game such as “stoozing”…
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Credit Fraud Secrets Thieves Don't Want You To Know
Have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud? If so, you know just how traumatic it can be. What’s more, if you don't detected it early enough, it could leave bad marks on your credit report that could haunt you for many years. The most commonly thought of credit card fraud is when your wallet or purse is stolen, and the thief uses your credit cards to make unauthorized purchases…
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Credit Card Stoozing – Time To Stop Snoozing
Lets stop snoozing and start “stoozing”.
Do not think that we are trying to get you involved in any criminal activities here, we’re not and the whole process is legal and above board and will give you the chance to get one over on the credit card companies, who have been relieving us of our cash for many years now…
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Constant Credit Card Payments
Are you trapped into making only minimum payments on your credit cards? I hope not.
Minimum payments decline as the balance on the credit card declines.
Let's take a credit card with a $2000 balance at 15% interest to use as an example. You would expect to pay about a $40 (2%) monthly payment when you start making your payments…
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The Countless Alternatives To Credit Cards
Thanks to the constant stream of credit card offers you receive in the mail or through television few people understand that there are viable alternatives. Below are five of those alternatives…
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Credit Card Minimum Payments Create Debt
A credit card minimum payment means that you can spend more and pay as little back as the credit card issuer will allow you. Sounds great in theory but it is a system that will turn out to be your worse nightmare. If you stick to it before long you will find that you have reached your limit, have nothing left to spend and all the while your past purchases are totting up interest charges…
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Super Balance Transfer Credit Cards
Credit cards are a great way to spend money that you do not have and we all know that so it is nothing new to us. A credit card is a spending tool that many of us would feel as if we had had a limb cut off if we could no longer have one, would also ring true to a lot of people…
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The Truth About Low Interest Credit Cards
The truth about low interest credit cards is that they can be a trap for the unwary. When you are looking into credit or ways to finance your lifestyle credit cards can look awfully tempting.
Even the best credit cards shouldn't be used to finance your lifestyle. There is no deeper pit you can get into than using credit cards instead of income to pay your bills…
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How Much Is Your Credit Card Really Costing You?
Most people do not give much thought to how much the use of credit cards really costs. While you may think you are aware of the costs of credit, there are many hidden fees and charges that often go unnoticed by consumers until it is too late. If you do not keep a very close watch on your credit card fees, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars per years without evern realizing it. If you are trying to stay within a budget, hidden credit card fees can be a real drain on your finances…
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Using Credit Cards To Finance Your Business
It can be quite difficult to find financing when you are trying to start a business. Traditional channels such as banks and other financial institutions are normally not too eager to finance a new business, even if you have developed a sound business plan and are highly skilled in your market. Starting a business, especially an online business based from your home, can be difficult, and you will need a way to obtain financing…
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Understanding Credit Card Penalties
Because most of us have one or two credit cards and we use them every day, understanding credit card penalties and fees is a significant issue since one time or another we have paid a penalty for some reason. Every user of a credit card must first understand that every charge on the credit card represent a loan which must be repaid. It’s like the loan for buying a house or a car; the same way these loans should be repaid, the credit card debt should also be repaid and even more it should be paid in time and at least the minimum amount or else you’ll end up paying more interest fees and penalties than the actual borrowed amount. So, we can say it is important that reading and understanding credit card penalties and fees to be done before you apply for a credit card and start using it…
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10 Dirty Tricks Credit Card Companies Play
The credit card companies make billions each year in legitimate interest charges and fees, but are under constant pressure from the shareholders to increase their earnings. To make this extra money the credit card companies sometime adopt some dirty tricks to make this money. As the credit card industry becomes more competative, less money is being earned from each client from interest charges and the number of these dirty tricks increase. To protect yourself against these unscrupulous procedures that steal your money we will list 10 dirty tricks credit card companies play to their clients so you’ll know what to expect and look out for…
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Credit Cards: Top 7 Mistakes That Card Holders Make
You need to manage your credit cards wisely. Otherwise, you may end up in financial trouble. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t realise that they may be making huge mistakes with the use of their credit cards. Here are top 7 credit card mistakes that card holders make…
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Are We Underestimating What We Spend On Credit Cards?
An investigation organized by Egg says consumers have greatly underestimated the amount that credit cards are used throughout the United Kingdom, what this means is consumers are spending a lot more than they think. The investigation revealed that when consumers thought they had spent was £236 billion was in fact £437 billion, some difference!
How come there is such a big difference?…
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