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Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds – The European Financial Transaction Tax
Do you know the connection between Tulips and the Euro Crisis? I remember reading, a few years ago, the “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles Mackay, a book that offered, among many other things, an overview of historical economic bubbles and their effects…
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How Self-Employed Can Reduce Their Tax Liability
How can you save tax when you are self-employed? There is probably less potential for tax planning to reduce your tax bill than if you run a limited company but that is not to say that it cannot be done. This article suggests four practical ways for the self-employed to start saving tax…
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Business property taxes - is your company paying too much?
There are some obvious, and not so obvious, ways to determine if you may be paying too much in property tax. Learn the top five reasons your company might be paying too much in property taxes, and how a business valuation company can help…
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Tax Return in the USA
You could be saving money each year just by filling out your tax return correctly. This article will show you different ways to minimize your tax and it also goes into detail about tax returns in the US. If you want more information on your tax return and how you can minimize then read this article…
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Difficult to pay VAT in the UK? Here are your options
HM Revenue and Customs (HMR&C) have lost their special rights as insolvency preferential creditors and are broadly treated like any other creditor. So, if you are having difficulty paying VAT or PAYE on time they are now more exposed and have to be more careful to ensure they are paid, however it is still possible to obtain support if you have arrears and this article covers how to do so…
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Inheritance Tax Planning - Considering Gifting
We have all heard of surveys and reports about nearly or newly retired professionals stating with a smile on their face that they were going to 'spend the kids' inheritance'. Many dreams were being fulfilled, involving travel to exotic far flung places, cruising, buying a boat or a Harley Davidson motorbike - or whatever appealed…
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13 Expat Tax Traps U.S. Expatriates Can Avoid
The expat experience can be an exciting adventure, but you must take care of your financial obligations while abroad. Don't try and navigate your expat experience without a professional to properly guide you. Here are 13 common expat tax traps to avoid…
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Dealing With The Tax Inspector In A Tax Investigation
The vast majority of tax returns are not enquired into by HMRC and are accepted as reasonable. When HMRC investigate the tax return of a small business the inadequacies of the accounting, lack of knowledge by the enquired and professionalism by the tax inspector often results in a higher tax bill…
Read the full article…

Types Of Tax Exchanges
Although the vast majority of exchanges occurring presently are delayed exchanges, let us briefly explain a few other exchanging alternatives…
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Filling The Self Assessment Tax Return Detailed Profit And Loss Account
Sole traders and self employed business in the UK are required to complete a self assessment tax return. Accurate accounting records are required to complete the self assessment return with income and expenditure of different types being entered against specific box numbers…
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Pay As You Earn Wages And Salaries Tax Scheme Explained
The PAYE system is a payroll administration system whereby employers deduct on a weekly or monthly basis income tax and national insurance contributions from employees wages and salaries. The PAYE administration involves the calculation of deductions, often performed by payroll software, and the tax returns and forms required by the tax authority which in the UK is the Inland Revenue…
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Mortgage Interest Deductions - Get Your House In Order
Many people recognize that the deduction for home mortgage interest is one of the most potent tax breaks available today. Most people are surprised at how complex and full of pitfalls the mortgage interest deduction rules really are and more are surprised about how big of a role their house plays in their wealth strategy…
Read the full article…

Three (3) Secrets to a Successful Tax Return!
Having the right team of advisors is critical to achieving your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible. For most people, taxes are the SINGLE BIGGEST expense. This makes finding the right tax preparer for your team extremely important…
Read the full article…

Entity Formation Fundamentals
One of the most important steps in any tax strategy is determining what entity should be formed to hold your businesses and investments. For legal purposes, there are four basic types of entities: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and limited liability company…
Read the full article…

Top Self employed Tax Questions
HMRC enquire into approximately 75,000 self assessment tax returns each year. Most tax enquiries result in extra tax being payable because business turnover has been understated or non allowable business expenses have been claimed, resulting in interest and penalties on the extra tax for that year and sometimes previous years and a higher tax rate…
Read the full article…

Practical Self Employed Tax Tips
Being Self Employed in the UK carries with it responsibility to sort out your own tax affairs, the first tax tip is to maintain good records of the business income and expenses to minimise tax liability. With tax rates of up to 40%, tax is an essential area to achieve a degree of competence. DIY Accounting produces both Accounting Software templates and Payroll Software templates that ease the record keeping…
Read the full article…

Investing In China: Expatriate Individual Income Tax
If you are sent to China by your company, your salary is paid outside of China, and you spend less than 183 days in China in a calendar year, than you must pay Chinese Individual Income Tax based on the days of the year you spend in China (note that “China” for the purposes of this article excludes Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan)…
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An Investor's View of The Fair Tax: A Resolution
The vast majority of Americans are investors, although many don't realize it. The vast majority of Americans are creative with their 1040 numbers, although most won't admit it. The majority of Americans would agree that investing, retirement planning, and estate preservation would be easier to manage if the Internal Revenue Code was comprehensible. A landslide of American voters would elect any candidate championing IRC replacement surgery…
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How To Avoid Those Mind-Boggling Depreciation Rules
Tired of dealing with those complex depreciation rules? Thanks to recent tax law changes, here's how to avoid them completely while benefiting from a lucrative small business tax break that not only puts money in your pocket, but also makes the filing of your income tax return much simpler…
Read the full article…

What Can I Do To Cut My Taxes?
I wish I had a dollar for every time that I’ve been asked the question, “What can I do to cut my taxes?”
It is easy for most tax accountants to be blasй about this question, to sometimes question the motives of clients raising the question. They may even treat it as a joke, and answer it in an offhand way…
Read the full article…



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