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Angola Banks


BAI, Banco Africano de Investimentos Contacts: Jose Calos de Castro Paiva, CEO, tel. 244 222 335127 Fax 244 222 335486 e-mail rabreu at
Clients: Oil companies. Private companies/ individuals
BANC, Banco Angolano de Negócios e Comércio Endereço: Travessa da Sorte nº. 12 - Luanda
Telefone: 222 339285
Fax: 222 394972
Email: administração at
Banco Africano de Investimentos Banco Africano de Investimentos, part of the Sonangol Group, is a full service bank operating in Angola. The bank operates a nationwide network of branches, including 16 branches in Luanda and 2 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Banco de Poupança e Crédito Banco de Poupança e Crédito is a full service bank in Angola.
Banco do Brazil, SA Banco do Brasil S.A. (English: Bank of Brazil; BOV: BBAS3.SA) is a major Brazilian bank headquartered in Brasília. The bank was founded in 1808 and is the oldest surviving bank in Brazil — one of the oldest of The Americas. Banco do Brasil is controlled by the Brazilian government but its stock is traded at the São Paulo Stock Exchange and its management follows standard international banking practices (Basel Accords). Since 2000 it is one of the four most-profitable Brazilian banks (the others being Bradesco, Banco Itaú, and Unibanco) and holds a strong leadership in retail banking.
Banco Espírito Santo Angola Banco Espírito Santo Angola, known as "BESA", is a bank in Angola. Along with the original Banco Espírito Santo in Portugal, BESA is a subsidiary of the Espírito Santo Financial Group, or ESFG. "Espírito Santo" is the Portuguese language term for the English term Holy Spirit, or as it is more commonly translated, Holy Ghost. BESA operates the Besnet and Accessobesa banking services.
Banco Millenium Angola Twenty years after the opening of the first branches in Lisboa and Porto, Millennium bcp presents itself as the biggest private financial institution in Portugal, in a journey full of launchings and initiatives that established a new form of Bank making in Portugal, from zero clients and 146 employees on the 5th of May in 1986 to 2.842.113 clients and 11.136 employees on the 5th of May in 2006. Since the beginning, the Bank invested strongly in Client segmentation, in offering specific solutions for each Client segment and in a service of excellence. Aimed at the individual Client with the better income and the business segment, a private bank was born, becoming the market leader in Portugal. The innovation profile marked the whole of the Institution’s history. Innovation, rapidity in attendance and solution of the Client’s problems, professionalism and availability were the key concepts of the Bank. With the maturation of the Portuguese market, Millennium bcp initiated an internationalization process, exporting its retail banking model – considered a case study of international success. The market choice was based in two essential criteria: on one side, markets with a high potential of growth and where the retail model could be received as a clear more value - the Angolan case; on the other side, countries where the presence of the Portuguese community justified and advised the presence of a Bank with similar roots. With a strong international profile, Millennium bcp offers a fast and efficient reply to any of its client’s demands, through the 16 countries where it operates directly, with local banks, branches or representative offices or through its 2200 selected correspondents. At the present moment Millennium bcp marks its presence in 4 continents - Africa, Europe, America and Asia - employs 19 thousand persons, serves over 4 million Clients through about 1500 Branches and has over 189 thousand shareholders.
Banco Mundial O Banco Mundial é uma agência do sistema das Nações Unidas, fundada a 1 de Julho de 1944 por uma conferência de representantes de 44 governos em Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, EUA, e que tinha como missão inicial financiar a reconstrução dos países devastados durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Atualmente, sua missão principal é a luta contra a pobreza através de financiamento e empréstimos aos países em desenvolvimento. Seu funcionamento é garantido por quotizações definidas e reguladas pelos países membros. É composto por 184 países membros. Sede: Washington DC, EUA Deve-se saber distinguir o Banco Mundial do Grupo Banco Mundial. O Banco Mundial propriamente dito é composto pelo BIRD e pela AID, que são duas das cinco instituições que compõem o Grupo Banco Mundial.

Some of the content on this page is taken from Wikipedia. Information from Wikipedia is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Banco Paribas Established more than 50 years ago as a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, Banco BNP Brasil provides corporate and investment banking, asset management, retail banking, and security and insurance services.
BNP Paribas is a European leader in banking and financial services, with a significant and growing presence in the United States and leading positions in Asia. The Group has one of the largest international banking networks, a presence in over 85 countries and 169,800 employees including: 130,000 in Europe - among whom 19,700 in Italy and 64,100 in France and in the Overseas Departments; 15,000 in North America and 9,800 in Asia.
1st largest French company and 5th in the banking industry worldwide, 1st bank in the Euro Zone (‘Global 2000 Forbes’ 2008)
6th most valuable international banking brand (Brand Finance 2008)
Banco Quantum Capital Banco Quantum Capital, S.A.
Avenida Comandante Jika ·150, C.P. 53
Sagrada Famнlia · Luanda · Angola
T +244 222 32 87 80 · F +244 222 32 16 26
E. info at
Banco Regional do Keve International Private company
Edificio Robert Hudson, Rua Rainha Ginga n.77, Luanda, , Angola
244 22 239 41 00, 244 22 239 51 01 fax,
Primary SIC: National Commercial Banks,
Primary NAICS: Commercial Banking
Description: Finance: Commercial banking activities and micro credit services
Banco Sol International Private company
Rua Rei Katyavala n 110/112, Luanda, , Angola
244 22 244 03 30, 244 22 244 02 26 fax,
Primary SIC: National Commercial Banks,
Primary NAICS: Commercial Banking
Description: Finance: Commercial banking activities and micro credit services
Banco Totta de Angola S.A.R.L. International subsidiary
CP 1231, Av 4 de fevereiro No. 99, Luanda, , Angola
244 22 394783, 244 22 395088 fax,
Primary SIC: Branches & Agencies Of
Foreign Banks, Primary NAICS: Commercial Banking
Description: Finance: Banking activities
EMAIL: tottango at
Banco VTB Africa An office of the joint Russian-Angolan bank Banco VTB Africa SA (VTB Africa) was opened on 2 September 2006 in Luanda, Angola, within the framework of an official visit paid by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Angola. Sergey Lavrov, Angolan Foreign Minister João Bernardo de Miranda and VTB Senior Vice President Oleg Muradyan took part in the opening ceremony. Sergey Lavrov expressed confidence that «activities of the Bank will not only contribute to inflow of Russian projects to Angola and implementation of joint projects with Angolan businesses, will not only assist in enhancing the national banking sector of Angola, but also will deliver banking services to businesses both from Angola and other African nations.» Banco VTB Africa SA is the first bank in the history of Angola with predominant foreign participation. Vneshtorgbank’s shareholding in the Bank will be 66% and Angolan shareholders will own the remaining 34%. The Bank is going to start its operations in the near future after required procedures are completed under Angolan law. According to Oleg Muradyan, «establishment of Banco VTB Africa SA will favour consolidation and further development of Russian-Angolan trade and economic relations, promoting a broader range and better quality of services carried out by VTB Group in African financial market, and increasing Russian presence in the continent.» Corporate and investment business development in the region will be a priority line of activities of Banco VTB Africa SA. Russian companies focused on their business development in Angola and other Southern African nations are scheduled to be main customers of the Bank in subsoil mining and processing, power engineering, telecommunications, construction and trade. In addition, the joint Russian-Angolan bank will handle financial flows of major Angolan enterprises such as Sonangol state-run oil company, Endima state-run diamond mining company, and deliver financial services to global corporations operating in the African market. Establishment of Banco VTB Africa SA is a further step forward to enhanced VTB Group presence in African continent. In this July, with Vneshtorgbank’s support a joint Russian-Angolan company VTB Capital (Namibia) (PTY) Ltd. was established with a view to invite Russian business and attract investments to Namibian market and Southern Africa to implement jointly most interesting and promising projects in the region. VTB’s shareholding in VTB Capital (Namibia) is 50% + 2 shares.
BCA, Banco Comercial Angolano BCA is a privately owned bank based in Luanda whose shareholding structure is held by local residents, Absa having a 50% shareholding.
Retail banking with limited corporate banking services. Main focus on:
  • Sight Deposits
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Treasury bills
  • Project Savings
  • Housing savings
Lending Services
  • Commercial advances
  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Housing loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Documentary credits (Import & Export)
BCI, Banco do Comércio e Indústria Banco de Comércio e Indústria is a bank in Angola which was recently privatised. It is a subsidiary of Sonangol, the national petroleum company.
The BCI is one of the most important financial institutions in Angola. It manages the funds allocated by the central government to the oil-rich provinces of Cabinda and Zaire, which amounts to 10 percent of total oil revenues from each province. The BCI also supports small and medium-scale enterprises, under the government instigated Economic and Social Development Fund (FDES), which allocates loans of anything up to $500,000 to entrepreneurs.

Adriano Rafael Pascoal, CEO, tel. 244 2 330769. Fax 244 2 331498 e-mail: secretariado at,
Clients: Public Enterprises.

BDA, Angolan Development Bank Angola's Development Bank (BDA) granted loans last June to various Angolan businesspeople that reside in Luanda Province, for them to invest in the sectors of industry and civil engineering.
Contact: Paixão Franco Junior, President
Clients: Macro/micro credit loans, Private banking investments
BDA, Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola (BDA) aprovou recentemente o financiamento de um projecto de implantação de uma fábrica de concentrado de tomate no Município da Matala, Província da Huíla, cujo montante ascende a cerca de 802 milhões de Kwanzas.
BESA, Banco Espirito Santo Angola Contact: Ricardo Espirito Santo, CEO, tel. 244 222 333776 Fax 244 222 333772
Cliemts: Corporate, Banking Investments
BFA, Banco de Fomento Angola Edificio Bpa Rua Amilcar Cabral, No 56, Luanda, Angola
Also Does Business As:Bfa
SIC:Commercial Banks, NEC
Line of Business:Commercial Banks, Not Chartered
BIC, Banco BIC Launched in 2005, BIC has quickly become a significant financial player and entered the top five banks in the country, after Banco Popular de Credito, Banco Africano de Investimento etc.
BNA, National Bank of Angola The National Bank of Angola was set up in the year 1926. Though the sole aim of establishing the bank was to control the commerce of the country, still by the time the bank acted as the central bank.
During Angola's economic reforms process towards a market driven economy, the bank helped a lot. Over this period the Two-layer banking system was started wherein the National Bank of Angola acted as the central bank of the country.
In the year 1999, the bank started implementing so many steps with a view of stabilizing the country's economy.
The important functions of the bank is as follows:
  • Preserving the value of the national currency
  • Banker to the Government
  • Acts as an intermediary in monetary relation
  • Maintains stability in the domestic market
  • It is the financer of the last resort
BNI, Banco de Negócios Internacional Uma Gestão de Cliente assegurada por gestores Financeiros especializados e capacitados a nível das questões financeiras da empresa, que garantem um atendimento adequado e personalizado, contando com o apoio de especialistas nas diferentes áreas de finanças empresariais.
Rua Major Kanhangulo nº 134 - 136 (Edifício Casa Inglesa)
Cx. Postal 578
Tel. +244 222 632 900 / 222 632 901
Fax. +244 222 371 887
BPA, Banco Privado Atlântico Instituição financeira privada, com elevados padrões de excelência e satisfação de clientes. Produtos e serviços à medida de cada cliente, seja este particular ou empresarial.
Finibanco Angola Finibanco Angola, a Portuguese and Angolan bank, recently began activities in Angola with the opening of its headquarters in Luanda. The bank, which has capital of US$10 million, is 60-percent owned by Finibanco and 40 percent by individual local investors. As part of its policy to expand into Angola, the bank’s board of directors plans to open three branches by the end of the year, one in Cacuaco, one in Viana and one in Luanda. By 2011, the bank plans to have a network of 30 branches across the country.
JFPI Corporation JFPI Corporation is Africa's largest private financial holding company. JFPI was formed in 1982 to encourage and reserve financial transparency as well as foster international monetary cooperation for central banks throughout Africa. Luanda, Angola.
Novo Banco International Private company
Pr Jat 267, 6 Av Zedequias Manganhela, Maputo, Mozambique
258 21 31 33 44, 258 21 31 33 45 fax,
Primary SIC: National Commercial Banks,
Primary NAICS: Commercial Banking
Description: Finance: Banking services, specialising in microfinance
STANDARD BANK ANGOLA LTD ADDRESS: Rua Dr. Americo Boavida, Edificio Modus Vivendi, 4-B, CITY: Luanda, STATE: Luanda, BANK TYPE: Retail and Wholesale, INCORPORATED: South Africa, INTERNET BANKING: YES
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Above may be not an exhaustive list of banks in this country. Also, the information might be outdated or wrong.

Some of the information placed above may have been taken from:

Information from Wikipedia is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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