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Denmark Banks Directory


ABN AMRO Bank Denmark The network bank in Denmark. Investment bank services, including online rates.
ABN AMRO Denmark After the Royal Bank of Scotland's takeover of ABN AMRO's wholesale business, the Dutch Central Bank approved the first phase of the acquisition, which enables us to offer an improved range of unique products, such as:
Global strength across equities, corporate finance / advisory, emerging markets and transaction banking (including award-winning products in several markets in global cash management, trade and supply chain).
A new and larger RBS with a global network of more than 50 countries enables us to deliver local knowledge combined with global expertise.
Jurisdiction to be market leaders within the Debt and Risk Management products.
To allow our customers to enjoy the enhanced organization, ABN AMRO and RBS empowered each other to conduct business for both ABN AMRO and RBS through the current Relationship Manager or other designated contact person. Immediately happening so no changes with respect to executives.
In order to provide a more efficient service to our customers, we will share all data and information that ABN AMRO and RBS in its possession relating to customer relationships. This will obviously take place in full accordance with the applicable rules of conflicts of interest and confidentiality of information.
The combination of the two banks will take place gradually over the coming months, and our customers will find that RBS as fire will be used increasingly. We will do our utmost to ensure that this process creates the least possible inconvenience to our customers.
Throughout sammenlægningsprocessen ABN AMRO will remain a separate legal entity with separate accounting and independent supervision of the Dutch Central Bank.
An incredibly exciting time ahead and we are convinced that our customers will have great benefits from new business opportunities created by the combination provides.
Alfred Berg Denmark(ABN AMRO) Alfred Berg is a leading asset manager in Scandinavia and has offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. At the heart of our business is innovation, performance and customer focus and enables us to deliver tailored products and solutions to companies, life and pension companies, public institutions and private clients locally and across borders.
Alfred Berg is a distinct entity in the global asset manager Fortis Investments. The combination of strong Nordic roots and a global home gives us a unique combination of local presence and global expertise and enables us to offer a broad and integrated range of local and global solutions.
Alfred Berg is one of Scandinavia's oldest financial house founded in 1863 in Sweden. After 122 years as a family owned company was Alfred Berg in 1985 taken over by Volvo Group and in 1995 by ABN AMRO, which merged with Fortis Investments in 2008. Alfred Berg came to Denmark in 1986 when it bought Brdr. Trier, Denmark's oldest stock broking company established in 1877.
Amagerbanken Amagerbanken is a full-service bank. We provide all the services and technological solutions required by our corporate and retail customers. Mutual trust between the customers and the Bank is a prerequisite for good co-operation. It is achieved through simple decision processes, competent consultancy and personal services provided by our network of branches and our specialized business centres.
Amtssparekassen Fyn Amtssparekassen er Fyns stшrste selvstжndige bank. Med en markedsandel pе 20 pct. og mere end 500 medarbejdere fordelt pе 34 afdelinger i Fyns Amt - og en enkelt afdeling i Vejle - har vi en stшrrelse, der betyder, at vi kan hеndtere alle typer opgaver for bеde privat- og erhvervskunder.
Arbejdernes Landsbank Arbejdernes Landsbank is among the 10 largest banks in Denmark. We are represented through 66 branches throughout the country except Bornholm. We have about 1.000 employees, more than 22.000 private shareholders and about 200.000 customer.
Bankportalen linkguide til banker og finanstjenester pе nettet.
Basis Bank Attractive prices and expert advice
Basis Bank, we focus solely on providing our customers the best service, advice and prices that are among the most attractive on the market. It is possible, because we have moved away from the traditional way of thinking on the bank.
BRFkredit BRFkredit is an independent mortgage credit institution that offers customers financial solutions and other services related to real property. Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.
Codan Bank Trading, Asset Management & Retail Banking.
Danmarks Nationalbank Danmarks Nationalbank
Havnegade 5
DK-1093 Copenhagen K
Tel.: +45 33 63 63 63
Fax: +45 33 63 71 03
nationalbanken at
Cvr nr: 61092919
Office hours
Cashier services: Monday - Friday 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
Other enquiries: Monday - Friday 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
General enquiries
Communications handles general enquiries relating to Danmarks Nationalbank's areas of responsibility and issues Danmarks Nationalbank's publications, and the external website.
We aim to answer enquiries within 24 hours.
Tel.: +45 33 63 70 00
Fax: +45 33 63 71 03
kommunikation at

The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint´s website
To order collector coins please find it on the website for the Royal Mint.
Other enquiries:
Monday - Friday 8.30 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.
Solmarksvej 5
DK-2605 Brøndby
Tel.: +45 43 45 40 11
Fax: +45 43 43 40 86
Fax: +45 43 43 67 04 (cashier)
e-mail:dkm at
Cvr nr: 61092919
Danske Kredit The Crime Prevention Council was formed in 1971 by the Minister of Justice. The Council was reorganized in 2007 with new rules and whole new committee.
Since the Crime Prevention Council was formed in 1971 it happened on a bleak background. The 1960s were characterized by boom and full employment, but contrary to expectations, was taken at crime soaring. From 1966 to 1970, the number of reported crimes doubled from approx. 150,000 to 300,000. The time was ripe to explore new avenues in the fight against crime.
The development was then National Police Commissioner Heide-Jorgensen to write a letter to Justice Minister K. Thestrup. He suggested to set up a committee which would "act of crime prevention on a broad scale." The idea was well received, and in late 1971 was the Crime Prevention Council a reality. Membership was composed of representatives from all parts of society, including businesses, schools, welfare organizations, research institutions and others
In the first year the Council had focused on security against robbery and theft, which was reflected in the creation of seven committees, where they had these five areas of work: robbery against banks, burglary, shoplifting, car theft and build technical advice. Since they got more soft interventions to include children and young people, best exemplified by the creation of the central SSP Committee. The committees were gradually reduced to five, of which the latest was the planning environment, dealing with physical planning of urban and residential areas.
The focus is now on both crime prevention and safety promotion work.
The standing committee in 2007 was reduced from five to four now, based on target groups, and membership currently consists of more than 50 authorities and organizations. The intention is that members will meet in Council and to exchange experiences and inspire each other to various crime prevention initiatives.
Danske NetBank With Danish eBanking, you can save time and money by arranging your banking transactions online via your computer. Around the clock, 365 days a year. Use online banking to pay bills, transfer funds, check your balance, manage your budget and even to buy and sell shares. At the same time you can expect a high degree of safety in Danish Netbank.
Den Danske Bank The largest bank in Denmark and Scandinavia.
Jyske Netbank Jyske Bank is the second largest independent bank in Denmark and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with sound financial advice.
Kreditbanken lokalbank i Aabenraa og Sшnderborg
Lollands Bank In Lollands Bank we pride in advising and serving our customers with fast, professional manner and professionally.
We are just under 70 employees who will "stand on your head" to meet particular this goal, so that customer transactions are executed in mutual satisfaction.
We strive constantly to be "ahead" with the financial development so that our advice has just been updated and we have another goal, which justify us, to participate actively in the development of our geographic market area.
We are of course also "present" on the Internet so that a wider audience - that is also beyond our geographic market area - can get information about - and perhaps enjoy - our way of doing banking on. Sammenligning af danske bankers priser, renter og gebyrer. Ogsе hurtiglеn og realkredit.
Realkredit Danmark Mortgage Denmark is Danish Bank Group's competence center within the financing of residential and commercial properties, and our core service are loans against mortgages based on the issuance of bonds. As a company we always focus on developing our products, services and employees.
Services and customers
Mortgage Denmark is one of the biggest players on the Danish mortgage market. We offer all types of mortgage products for both residential and business customers. Is the customer's choice, can we, as a part of the Danish banking group offering products across the group when it comes to banking, retirement, investment, purchase / sale of housing and insurance. We are one of the most innovative mortgage companies in Denmark, and has among other developed flex ® Flex ® and RenteDyk Guarantee ™.
Customers in owner-occupied segment offered advice through Mortgage Line Mortgage and Denmark's housing consultants in 43 centralized Danish bank branches spread across the country. In addition, loans are distributed to private customers through Danish Bank's other branches, so that everything is possible to get housing advice in approx. 400 branches and financial centers. The Mortgage Line, we have a number of competent housing advisers in an extended operating hours advise clients by telephone.
Corporate customers are served through the Danish Bank financial centers, which offer customers the best possible chance to get a quick, competent and coordinated advice on all types of financial products in the business market. The largest commercial customers served by large customers in Lyngby.
There is also possibility to get information about our products and services and make different calculations on loans and property prices on our website
Mortgage Denmark has approx. 300 competent staff to ensure that we always offer the best service and the ability to choose from the broadest range of products.
Mortgage Denmark had in 2008 profit before tax of 3,750 million. dollars against 3446 million. kronor a year earlier. This meant that the Mortgage Denmark in 2008 realized a profit after tax of 2,810 million. dollars against 2592 million. kronor in 2007. Denmark's mortgage equity rose from 35.7 billion. dollars in 2007 to 38.5 billion. kronor in 2008.
Read about our vision, mission and core values
Here you can read about Mortgage Denmark vision and mission and our core values.
Saxo Bank A/S Online trading - foreign exchange, stocks, stock derivatives, futures
Spar Nord Bank Spar Nord Bank is the 7th largest bank, with 67 branches in North Jutland plus one in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus. The Head Office is situated in Aalborg dealing in International payments and documentary transactions, Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Securities and Capital Market transactions.
Spar Nord Bankaktieselskab A/S The foundation stone was laid on 12 May 1824 when Aalborg Byes og Omegns Sparekasse, as the new savings bank was called, was founded by grocer Jakob Kjellerup on the basis of the slogan "A means to prosperity".
Although much has happened since then, the goal remains fundamentally the same - as expressed in Spar Nord Bank's customer mission from 2005: "Together we create financial freedom".
Sydbank A/S In the years after the millennium has Sydbank marked on a highly successful, robust and velindtjenende bank. Furthermore, the bank has grown and become almost nationwide. First assumed Sydbank Odense Bank Egnsbank Funen in 2002, and the bank has established new offices in Midtjylland - in Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Holstebro and Viborg - and in North Zealand - in Hillerød and Copenhagen. Furthermore Sydbank opened in 2002 a subsidiary bank - Sydbank (Schweiz) AG - in St. Gallen in Switzerland. In 2007 sold Sydbank DMK-Holding the EBH banking, and opened a branch in Kiel. In 2008, Trelleborg acquired Sydbank bank with headquarters in Slagelse and supplemented in the way the bank's presence in Zealand.
Sydbank, which today is Denmark's fourth largest bank, has continued its base with headquarters in Southern Jutland in Aabenraa. Sydbank has for years had a significant business growth and provided economic performance, which places the bank among the most profitable.
Sydbank now has a market share in the banking sector at 4-7 per cent., Ca. 2,600 employees and 115 branches - including 3 in Germany.
Шstjydsk Bank Lokalbank
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