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Greece Banks


ABN AMRO ABN AMRO is a Dutch Bank, currently owned by a consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Fortis, and Banco Santander. The bank is the result of the 1990-91 merger of Amsterdam-Rotterdam (AMRO) Bank and ABN, whose history dated back to the founding of the Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij in 1824.
Between 1991 and 2007, ABN AMRO was one of the largest banks in Europe and had operations in about 63 countries around the world. In 2007 the bank was acquired by the consortium, which is splitting up the bank between the three aquiring banks. This process will take till the end of 2009. The American retail assets were sold by ABN AMRO to Bank of America in the months leading up to the acquisition.
Agricultural Bank of Greece ABG, one of the 500 top banks in the international world of finance, is a banking institution of world wide reputation; ever since its founding in 1929 the ABG has managed to combine economic rationality with social responsibility and modern banking practices with the concern to promote the overall development of the greek farming sector. Far from simply "agricultural", it is a universal bank capable of offering the full spectrum of financial products and services demanded by the banking public today.
Alpha Bank Alpha Bank is the second largest bank in Greece with 450 branches throughout the country. It also has a subsidiary and branch in London, and branches and subsidiaries throughout the Balkans (see "International expansion" below).
Alpha Credit Bank Alpha Credit Bank, the largest private sector bank in Greece, provides all financial services through its branches and subsidiary companies.
Aspis Bank The Aspis Bank (Greek: Aspis) is a Greek banking service. Its headquarters is in Athens, the national capital and has hundreds of branches across Greece. The bank is traded on the Athens Stock Exchange. After acquiring FBB Bank and its 15 branches, this brought Aspis Bank's total number of branches to 84.
ATEbank The Agricultural Bank of Greece is a commercial bank based in Athens, Greece. The bank was founded in 1929. The bank proclaimed that it would focus on the Balkan bank market, with the business activities of supporting of the agricultural sector. ATEbank held a strong position at Athens Stock Exchange. The Bank's development of business activities called for a new name and corporate image as ATEbank.
Bank of Cyprus Bank of Cyprus (CSE: BOCY ATHEX: BOC), is a major Cypriot financial institution. In terms of market capitalisation it is the country's second largest company.[2] As of December 31, 2005, the Group's Total Assets reached C£13,22bn (€23,00bn) and the Group's Shareholders' Funds were C£818mn (€1,42bn).
The shares of the Bank are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and the Athens Stock Exchange. The Bank is the largest listed company on the CSE in terms of market capitalization and has a well-diversified shareholder base.
The Bank of Cyprus has traded on the FTSE ATHEX 20 index from October 9, 2006.[3] Since October 8, 2007 the Bank of Cyprus has been part of the Dow Jones Cyprus Titans 10 Index, which comprises the 10 largest companies in Cyprus.
The Group currently operates through a total of 280 branches, of which 147 operate in Cyprus, 134 in Greece, six in the United Kingdom, eleven in Australia and one in the Channel Islands, and four in Romania (three in Bucharest and one in Constanta).
Bank of Cyprus Group The Group offers a wide range of financial products and services, which include banking services in Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, Australia and Channel Islands, finance, leasing, factoring, brokerage, fund management, general and life insurance services in Cyprus and Greece, and investment banking services in Cyprus.
Bank of Greece The Bank of Greece (Greek: "Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος") is the national central bank of Greece, located in Athens (Venizelos Avenue) and founded in 1927. Its operations started officially in 1928.
Barclays Bank (Greece) Read 1 Reviews
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank is an international financial institution established by Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine
BNP Paribas BNP Paribas (Euronext: BNP, TYO: 8665) is one of the main banks in Europe. It was created on 23 May 2000 through the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas. Together with Société Générale and Crédit Lyonnais (now known as LCL), it is one of the "three old" banks of France. It is a constituent of the CAC 40 index.
On 9 August 2007, BNP Paribas announced that it could not fairly value the underlying assets in three funds as a result of exposure to U.S. subprime mortgage lending markets. Faced with potentially massive (though unquantifiable) exposure, the European Central Bank (ECB) immediately stepped in to ease market worries by opening lines of €96.8 billion (then US$130 billion) in low-interest credit. The long term debt of the group is currently ranked AA+ by S&P, Aa1 by Moody's and AA by Fitch.
Citibank Citibank is a major international bank, founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later First National City Bank of New York. Citibank is now the consumer and corporate banking arm of financial services giant Citigroup, one of the largest companies in the world. As of March 2007, it is the largest bank in the United States by holdings.
Citibank has operations in more than 100 countries and territories around the world. More than half of its 1,400 offices are in the United States, mostly in the New York City, Chicago, Miami, and Washington DC metropolitan areas, as well as in California.
In addition to the standard banking transactions, Citibank offers insurance, credit card and investment products. Their online services division is among the most successful in the field, claiming about 15 million users.
EFG Eurobank-Ergasias Eurobank, Eurobank EFG or EFG Eurobank Ergasias (ASE|EUROB)is the third largest bank in Greece with more than 300 branches throughout the country and leading market shares in high growth segments. It is part of Spiro Latsis group of companies. EFG Eurobank Ergasias is based in Athens, Greece.
Eurobank is a member company of the EFG Bank European Financial Group based in Geneva, Switzerland and has about 19 000 employees.
Egnatia Bank S.A. Egnatia Bank S.A., a contemporary Greek Bank specializes in Electronic Banking & Commerce, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Investment Banking, Consumer Banking, Securities Markets, and Bancassurance.
Emporiki Bank The Emporiki Bank (Greek: Εμπορική Τράπεζα) is a Greek bank. Its headquarters is in Athens, and the bank has hundreds of branches across Greece, as well as operations in a number of other countries. The bank is one of the 500 largest banks in the world.
In August, 2006, the french bank Crédit Agricole, acquired 72% of its capital and now controls the bank.
ETBA S.A. Hellenic Industrial Development Bank The objective of the bank is to promote activities in Industry, Tourism, Shipping and other sectors, which contribute th the economic development of Greece.
Geniki Bank Geniki Bank (Greek: Γενική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδας - Geniki Trapeza tis Elladas) was founded in 1937. The bank is traded at the Athens Stock Exchange. It is a Greek financier group that provides complete banking and financing services. The main shareholder of General Bank of Greece was the Participial Fund of Army but since March 2004 52.32% was acquired by Société Générale Group and changed the name from General Bank of Greece to Geniki Bank.
Today, Geniki bank operates 140 branches in Greece, while the group is also consisted by four subsidiary companies, that provide specialised banking, financing and insurance services.
Hellenic Bank Hellenic Bank (CSE: HB ), is the third largest bank on the island of Cyprus with a 10.47% share of deposits and 7.92% of the loans market. Its shares are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.
It was founded in 1976 and in 1996 it bought the local operations of Barclays Bank. A major shareholder (29%) is the Cypriot Orthodox Church.[1] The Church of Cyprus increased its stake in Hellenic Bank through big block trading passed through the Cyprus Stock Exchange on October 10, 2007. Specifically, Athena Cyprus Investments, which was successfully acquired by Hellenic Bank earlier in the year sold 2.8 mln shares of HB at EUR 5.40 amounting to EUR 15.3 mln.
The enlarged Hellenic Bank Group now employs over 1,700 employees. It's first subsidiary, Hellenic Bank (Finance) Ltd, offers short-term asset finance in the form of hire purchase and leasing facilities.
Hellenic Bank (Investments) Ltd provides investment services in the Cyprus Capital Market to institutional investors, corporations and private clients. The company provides Cyprus Stock Exchange [CSE] investment services, portfolio management services, company listings, underwriting and strategic development services, as well as international capital market investment services. HBI eTrade offers customers the option to trade on the CSE through the internet. Furthermore, the Research and Analysis Unit prepares daily and weekly stock market performance reviews and technical reports of public companies listed on the CSE.
Hellenic Bank (Investments) Ltd also manages the 'Athena' Cyprus Investment Fund Ltd, a public company listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.
Hellenic Bank Trust and Finance Corporation Ltd, provides special services for custodianship and acts as trustee for a number of insurance companies.
The Hellenic Bank Group dynamically expanded its operations in the insurance sector, with the acquisition of the Pancyprian and Ledra Insurance Companies. Hellenic Bank and Alico AIG Life have commenced the provision of insurance banking services (Bancassurance) through Hellenic Bank's branch network in Cyprus, with the establishment of the Hellenic Alico Life Insurance Company Ltd. With a 72.5% and 27.5% share capital in the new company respectively, the agreement is considered innovative by Cyprus standards, and constitutes the first initiative for the provision of insurance banking products through a Banking Organisation.
Hellenic Bank (Factors) Ltd, which commenced operations in 1999, offers a full spectrum of debt collection and total sales management services. By participating in the International Factors Group, it additionally serves customers engaged in international trade. Hellenic Bank offers "Hellenic Net Banking." In addition, the Hellenic Bank offers a range of credit/debit cards catering for any needs, as well as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The ATM network has expanded to cover all branches in Cyprus, 24 hours a day.
Hellenic Bank introduced for the first time in Cyprus, the innovative Platinum Mastercard card. This is aimed at high income customers and professionals and includes a broad spectrum of luxury and comfort services and benefits, in both Cyprus and abroad. The has over 80 branches in Cyprus and an estimated 25 branches in Greece (by 2005), provide comprehensive banking services including insurance and investments.
Hellenic Bank, after firmly establishing its presence in Cyprus and Greece, now operates Representative Offices in South Africa and Russia.
The purpose of establishing Representative Offices abroad, is to offer Cypriots living abroad and foreign nationals a connection with operations in Cyprus and Greece, as well as to provide information on the products and services offered by the Bank. Additionally, they provide information regarding the Cyprus and the Greek banking systems, and offer advice on investment opportunities in both countries.
Hellenic Bank Association The website of the Hellenic Bank Association on the Internet presents the Association's activities, publications,news,members in both Greek and English.
HSBC HSBC Holdings plc (LSE: HSBA, SEHK: 0005, NYSE: HBC, Euronext: HSB, BSX: 1077223879) is a public limited company incorporated in England and Wales, headquartered in London. It is the world's largest company and the world's largest banking group, as calculated based on different metrics by the annual Forbes list of the world's largest firms published on April 2, 2008. In February 2008, HSBC was named the world's most valuable banking brand by The Banker magazine.
HSBC Holdings was established in 1991 to become the parent company to The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in preparation for its purchase of the Midland Bank in Britain and in change of domicile for the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. The former was established virtually simultaneously in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865 to finance the growing trade between China and Europe by Scotsman Thomas Sutherland, who wanted a bank operating on "sound Scottish banking principles". Its heritage in East Asia means it is a British institution with an extensive international pedigree.
HSBC is well-known in banking circles for its diversified and risk-averse approach in its business operations (to the extent that, for instance, Europe contributes around one-third of its 2007 earnings and commercial banking 30%).
Laiki Bank Marfin Popular Bank (CSE: CPB ATHEX: MARFB ), formerly Cyprus Popular Bank (a.k.a. Laiki Bank), is the second largest bank on the island of Cyprus behind the Bank of Cyprus. Currently it holds a 14.98% share of the market in loans and a 19.2% share of deposits. Its shares are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and the Athens Stock Exchange.
In 2006 the Greek company Marfin Financial Group acquired the Cyprus Popular Bank (Laiki Bank), which it re-branded as Marfin Popular Bank.
In 2007, the bank announced a multi-million financial deal to sponsor the Cyprus first division until 2010.
National Bank of Greece The National Bank of Greece (NBG; Greek: Εθνική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος) (NYSE: NBG, LSE: NBGA) is the oldest and largest commercial bank in Greece and heads the strongest financial group in the country. It boasts a dynamic profile internationally, particularly in Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. It owns subsidiaries in over 18 countries, including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Turkey.
National Bank of Greece S. A. National Bank of Greece S.A., the oldest and largest among Greek banks, heads the strongest financial group in the country. It boasts a dynamic profile internationally, particularly in Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Nova Bank Read 1 Reviews
Omega Bank The Omega Bank was a Greek banking service until it was bought by Proton Bank in October 2006. The bank was named for the final Greek alphabet (see omega).
Piraeus Bank Piraeus Bank Group, is a Greek bank founded in 1916, that went through a period of state ownership and management (1975-1991) before it was privatised in December 1991. Since then, it has continuously grown in size and activities. The Piraeus Bank group of companies engages in financial and banking activities not only in Greece, but also in the areas of Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the financial centres of London and New York. Piraeus Bank Group possesses particular know-how in the sections of retail banking, small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), capital markets, investment banking, leasing, real estate and financing of the shipping sector.
Piraeus Bank Group has a constantly expanding network with more than 300 branches in Greece, 14 branches in New York,1 in the UK, 80 branches in Romania, 72 in Bulgaria, 38 in Albania, 38 in Serbia and 40 in Egypt. Piraeus Bank Group has recently completed the acquisition of a Ukrainian Bank that has 133 points of presence. In addition, a representative office of Piraeus Bank operates in Moscow.
Proton Bank Proton Bank (in Greek Proton Τράπεζα Α.Ε.) was established in 2001 and officially commenced its operations as a specialised investment bank in 2002. The founders of the bank are the late John Markopoulos, Anthony Athanasoglou and Elias Lianos. Following a rapid development path, the Bank was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange in December 2005 and later absorbed three listed closed-end funds, namely Arrow, Exelixi and Eurodynamics. In 2006 Proton Bank absorbed OMEGA Bank, with the new entity’s share capital reaching € 650 mil.
It has its headquarters located at Eslin & 20 Amaliados Str. in Athens, and has 28 branches across Greece.
Scotiabank Greece Scotiabank UK provides a complete range of retail, commercial, corporate, investment and international banking services to customers in the Greece. Scotiabank is an international bank with more than 1,700 branches and offices in over 50 countries, our 41,000 employees deliver the quality service that has made Scotiabank one of world's premier financial institutions. Since welcoming our first customer in 1832, Scotiabank has enjoyed continued success by building on five core strengths and executing the basics of banking exceptionally well.
Taxydromiko Tamieutirio The Greek Postal Savings Bank (Greek: Taxydromiko Tamieutirio) is a commercial bank based in Athens, Greece. Floated on the Athens Stock Exchange, its largest single shareholder is the Greek state.
Webteller Online banking system of the Egnatia Bank.
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