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Poland Banks


ABN AMRO Bank (Polska) SA ABN AMRO started its Polish operations in 1991, as a leader in a consortium of Western banks which established the IBP Bank. As part of our international expansion, we set up permanent operations in this country through two local subsidiaries: ABN AMRO Bank (Polska) SA and ABN AMRO Corporate Finance (Polska) Sp and received a full banking license in 1995.
ABN AMRO employs about 160 full-time professionals who maintain a centralised branch in Warsaw. While dedicated to building long-term relationships, the diversity of awards and recognitions ABN AMRO wins reflects our commitment to the Eastern European market.
Our clients can expect the highest level of services and tailored solutions. We maintain a broad global network for an extensive international presence giving you the combined benefit of local knowledge and world-class skills.
Bank Energetyki S.A. Bank Energetyki S.A. is an universal Bank founded 1991 by the majority of Polish Power Plants and related Enterprises. The strategic Partner of Bank Energetyki S.A. is the Bank Rozwoju Eksportu S.A.
Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej S.A. Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A. (BGŻ) is one of the largest universal banks in Polish financial system, with USD 4,5 bn of total assets. While substantial part of the Bank's capital is represented by State Treasury, the other major shareholders are: Rabobank International Holding B.V. and EBRD. BGŻ`s wide network of 264 domestic branches makes our Bank easy accessible all over Poland.
BGŻ`s financial results for 2004 are as follows:
Total assets - USD 5,5 bln
Capital funds - USD 440 mln
Net profit - USD 0,4 mln
BGŻ has pleasure to confirm its 2005 ratings:
- long term deposits: A2 (country ceiling)
- short term deposits: P-1
- financial strength outlook: positive
- foreign currency debt: Aa3 (above country ceiling)
FITCH IBCA: Support – 2
BGŻ specialises in financing agricultural sector, manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail trade, providing services to all kinds of businesses, especially to small and medium-sized companies.
Following its principal mission, BGŻ has been recently modifying its core activity by participation in various business areas, e.g.: corpotate and commercial banking as well as retail banking.
In view of the wide network of branches, BGŻ is the first choice for retail and corporate customers in Poland. For companies operating on the international markets BGŻ offers financial instruments, such as: payment orders, letters of credit, documentary collections, guarantees and cheques.
Foreign currency operations constitute an important part of BGŻ`s activity. The bank maintains relations with about 650 banks from all over the world.
BGŻ Vostro correspondents` network is also substantial and grows constantly. Our Bank is the sole agent in Poland for many well-known European and US Banks and also one of the main partners for a number of other banks.
Trade finance area concentrates mainly on Asian and Russian markets. BGŻ`s international operations on the eastern markets are supported by its Representative Office in Moscow, established in 1997.
Bank Handlowy W Warszawie S.A. Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA is one of the leading financial institutions in Poland offering a wide range of corporate, investment and consumer products and services under the Citibank Handlowy brand. We have modern distribution channels, a network of more than 160 branches as well as highly professional and experienced staff. We offer innovative products based on the world-class technology.
Bank Incjatyw Społechno-Ekonomicznyh S.A Bank Inicjatyw Społeczno - Ekonomicznych jest polsko-francuską spółką akcyjną, utworzoną w 1990 roku z inicjatywy Ministerstwa Pracy i Polityki Społecznej oraz francuskiego banku Crédit Coopératif, który jest dziś obok Agencji Rozwoju Przemysłu SA największym akcjonariuszem BISE. Obydwie instytucje posiadają razem prawie 70% kapitału BISE.
Przez pierwsze lata działalności BISE funkcjonował jako Bank bezoddziałowy, skupiający się na działalności kredytowej. W roku 1992 BISE rozpoczął budowę sieci oddziałów – uruchamiając pierwszy oddział w siedzibie Instytutu Francuskiego w Warszawie. W piętnastoletniej historii Banku ważnym wydarzeniem były dwie fuzje, które przyczyniły się do znaczącego powiększenia sieci placówek Banku. W roku 1999 Bank BISE połączył się z Bankiem Energetyki z Radomia, a trzy lata później, w roku 2002 z wrocławskim Bankiem Cukrownictwa CUKROBANK.
W roku 2004 BISE podpisał umowę z Europejskim Bankiem Odbudowy i Rozwoju (EBOiR) dotyczącą udzielenia Bankowi BISE pożyczki podporządkowanej zamienialnej na akcje BISE. Pożyczka została zaliczona do kapitałów własnych BISE i przyczyniła się do wzmocnienia rynkowej pozycji Banku.
Misją Banku BISE jest świadczenie wysokiej jakości usług finansowych i doradczych sprzyjających rozwojowi przedsiębiorczości, a także wspieranie lokalnych inicjatyw społecznych służących budowie społeczeństwa obywatelskiego.
Banca Intesa Banca Intesa is one of the leading Italian banking groups and one of the main actors in the European financial scenario. It was established in 1998 with the integration of Cariplo and Banco Ambrosiano Veneto. In 1999 Banca Commerciale Italiana joined Gruppo Intesa. As a result of that merger (May 2001) the Group was named IntesaBci. In December 2002 at the Shareholders’ Meeting it was resolved to change the corporate name to Banca Intesa and it became effective as of 1st January 2003.
The Banca Intesa logo represents an aqueduct, a stone structure to transport water, an image of solidity, dynamism and development. Being socially useful, the aqueduct is also a symbol of solidarity, in line with the responsibility that the Group has toward society.
Bank Ochrony Srodowiska (BOS) Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. sees its mission in providing full-scope financial services to entities conducting environment-friendly undertakings. The Bank has been committed to this noble idea from its inception in 1991.
That is not the only line of business. BOŚ S.A. is a universal commercial bank offering its customers a full range of banking services. The Bank is ready to serve every customer.
It is among Poland's top fifteen banks.
From 1996 the Bank has been a public company, a from February 1997 its shares have been listed at the primary market at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Within its own Capital Group, the Bank has a subsidiary brokerage, Dom Maklerski BOŚ S.A., among other services.
The Bank's main shareholders include Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Group (a 47.50 % stake) and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Resource Management (NFOŚiGW, a 44.69 % stake). The remaining stock is held by several voivodship arms of the NFOŚiGW, corporations, and individuals.
BOŚ S.A. provides services to local government bodies, as well as to customers in the retail and corporate segments.
The Bank's offer comprises standard time deposits, deposits with environmental benefits, and EKOKONTO packages of payment, deposit and loan products. The Bank offers customers eco-deposits with part charge-offs to help protect endangered animal species; the current product is called WildCat (predecessors including Falcon Deposit, Wolf, Lynx, Fishhawk, Gopher and Hedgehog deposits). BOŚ S.A. Maestro cards lets you withdraw cash free of charge at ATMs across Poland. The Bank has an account for minors, called Ekokonto H2O. The Bank's loan offer includes mortgage, housing, or car purchase loans.
The Bank has a special product addressed to micro enterprises, called JANTAR package (providing convenient credit financing such as overdraft, working capital loan, investment loan, in addition to excellent assistance provided by its Customer Advisers, or accident insurance covering company owners). For its biggest corporate customers the Bank offers Cash Management services to supply the best efficient management of funding.
BOŚ S.A. has a number of products for corporate customers, including a package for small firms.
BOŚ S.A. also provides full-range servicing of local budgets. It arranges municipal bond issues.
Bank Pekao S.A. Bank Pekao Group includes:
- lead bank Polska Kasa Opieki
- affiliates Bank Depozytowo-Kredytowy
- Pomorski Bank Kredytowy
- Powszechny Bank Gospodarczy.
The mission of Bank Pekao SA is to ensure constant and attractive growth of the Bank's value to its shareholders through strengthening its leading position on the domestic market and steady development on the markets of Central Europe as a universal financial institution, a reliable partner for clients and the best workplace for the best people.
Bank Pocztowy S.A w Bydgoszczy Bank Pocztowy S.A. is the universal bank. It was established in 1990. The shareholders of Bank Pocztowy are: PPUP Poczta Polska (Polish Post Office) (75% less one share) and Bank PKO BP S.A. (25% plus one share). It differs from other financial institutions because it allows customers to take advantage of various financial services at their local post office. Poczta Polska operates from 8,000 offices. The rich range of services provides products for individual customers, as well as mass payment wholesalers, and local authorities into the bargain.
Large portion of financial services on offer for natural persons is available at Post Offices. This refers, in particular, to the “Standard” Postal Account, “Nestor” Postal Account, deposits and cash loans, all of which are provided at every single Post Office. What is more, the Bank, in association with Poczta Polska, offers to small businesses a system for settling health/retirement insurance and tax payments. Over half a million of small businesses use their “Giro” account at the Post Office every month.
Bank Pocztowy is currently going through a phase of considerable change and rapid development. A centralised computer system has been implemented, which has been combined with a new model of sales network. How the Bank develops in the years to come will depend on how the organizational modifications go and how the new cooperation agreements with the Post and Bank PKO BP will be carried out.
Together with Poczta Polska, Bank Pocztowy is involved in three projects related to retail and settlement operations. The project aims to create the largest sales network for financial services in Poland. Full service will be provided for the first time in 2006 – at the initial stage, at 125 bank/post desks up and down the country. Within 3 years, it is intended to establish 3,000 of those.
Bank Przemyslowo-Handlowy Bank BPH is the third largest bank in Poland in terms of assets, and one of the largest banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Bank BPH serves individual and institutional Customers – both private companies and public sector entities. It also actively operates on the international markets. The Bank renders its services to nearly 3 million Customers in approximately 500 outlets located throughout the country.
In providing a comprehensive service, it flexibly responds to changing needs of its Customers and adjusts the scope and quality of its offer to their expectations. It effectively utilises alternative distribution channels – the Internet, SMS, WAP, a call center, which are becoming increasingly popular with the Customers and are acquiring more and more importance in the banking services sector.
Bank BPH employs the best solutions developed by the strategic investor, HVB Group, which is represented in Poland by Bank Austria Creditanstalt. Owing to the support of BA-CA and the entire Capital Group operating on the Polish market, Bank BPH offers to its customers the most specialised financial market products and services (such as Sez at m, M at kler, BusinessNet).
Success in the heart of Europe:
Being a thoroughly European institution, Bank BPH marked its strong involvement in projects related to the EU accession by supporting the EU referendum and participating actively in the European campaign. At present Bank BPH makes every effort to support entrepreneurs in raising financing from EU funds. We developed an offer adjusted to the specific nature of those projects.
Bank Slaski S.A. Zasadniczym celem ING Banku Śląskiego, wynikającym z jego strategii, jest rozwijanie i umacnianie pozycji w polskim sektorze bankowym poprzez dostarczanie zintegrowanych usług finansowych oraz zachowanie charakteru banku zorientowanego na klienta. Czynnikami wspierającymi realizację zamierzonych celów jest współpraca z Grupą ING, stosowanie nowoczesnej technologii, rozbudowa kanałów dystrybucji i świadczenie wysokiej jakości usług. Strategia rozwoju bankowości detalicznej zakłada świadczenie zintegrowanych usług finansowych, doskonalenie sprzedaży wiązanej i konserwatywne podejście do ryzyka. Klienci ING Banku Śląskiego mają dostęp do usług Banku 24 godziny na dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. In Q1 2006 Bank Zachodni WBK recorded:
Profit before tax of 239.1m - increased by 53% in comparison to Q12005;
Profit after tax 175.4m - increase by 47% in comparison to Q12005.
The key growth drivers in Q1 2006:
Spectacular growth in investment funds (+250%), and strong growth in retail loans (+20%) and leasing receivables (+17%).
Superb results of the bank and its subsidiaries, first of all Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych and Dom Maklerski;
Dynamic growth in income with unchanged - one of lowest in the market - fees. Particularly impressive growth was recorded in investment funds distribution area, asset management, sale of insurance and brokerage fees;
Increase in total income by 23%.
Funds entrusted to BZWBK Group:
In the end of March 2006 customers funds entrusted to Bank Zachodni WBK Group nearly PLN 34bn increasing by 38% in comparison to the same period last year.
Q1 2006 recorded the highest level of sale of ARKA investment funds managed by BZWBK AIB Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych. Assets entrusted by clients increased during the last 12 months by 249% and in the end of March 2006 amounted PLN 11.5bn. This gives the company the second place in Poland with nearly doubling market share to 15.8% (March 2005: 8.1%).
Another notable success, assets under management of AIB BZWBK Asset Management recorded a 216% growth exceeding value of PLN 1.1 bn.
Customer deposits in the end of March 2006 totalled PLN 20.5bn and exceeded the level from last twelve months by 4.5% notwithstanding the reduced interest rate environment and success of ARKA funds.
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. includes Powszechny Bank Kredytowy.
BNP Paribas BNP Paribas is made up of three core businesses : Corporate and Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Asset Management & Services, and also BNP Paribas Capital which spearheads the Private Equity business.
BNP Paribas is determined to be a benchmark banking group that considers the customer as its key preoccupation and actively pursues the improvement of its earning capacity. His values guide the attitude of each employee and inspire the management principles: commitment, creativity, ambition, reaction capability.
BRE Bank S.A. BRE Bank is Poland ’s leading financial institution in terms of equity, scale of operations, growth rate, diversity of the product range, and cutting-edge banking technologies.
BRE Bank is one of the top Polish providers of comprehensive corporate banking service. BRE Bank and its several strategic subsidiaries make up the BRE Bank Group which offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art financial services.
As a provider of top quality financial services and an expanding product range for corporate clients, BRE Bank has a high share in servicing large corporations and institutions. The Bank’s diversified products, including clearing and liquidity functions, electronic banking, and access to sources of financing, meet all needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. BRE Bank also excels in servicing exports and foreign trade transactions.
With MultiBank as well as mBank, the unquestionable leader in internet retail banking, BRE Bank is also present in the market of state-of-the-art retail banking services.
Many times BRE Bank was named an “Entrepreneur-Friendly Bank” in 2000, 2004 and 2005. The Bank has four times been named the “Best Bank in Poland” (Gazeta Bankowa rating). In 2001, BRE Bank was the first bank in Poland to receive the most prestigious award in the industry, the “Economic Award of the President of Poland” BRE Bank’s excellent application of advanced technologies made it a winner in the IT Leader 2002 competition.
Citibank Poland Former Bank Handlowy is a leading Polish corporate bank, part of the Citigroup family of companies.
The mission of the Bank includes playing a leading role in the banking industry in Poland by offering world class products and high quality services to our customers, both local and international, ensuring a high return on capital for the shareholders, creating an attractive and satisfactory work environment and setting ethical standard in business.
Deutsche Bank List of services:
For Individual customers:
- Accounts and Cards
- Savings and investment
- Credits and loans
- Bancassurance
For Bussiness customers:
- Accounts and Settlements
- Credits
- Deposits and investment
Dominet Bank (Cuprum Bank S.A.) In February 2002, the Merrill Lynch Global Emerging Markets Partners L.P. (MLGEMP) fund obtained the consent of the Commission for Banking Supervision of the National Bank of Poland to take up 100% of the shares in Cuprum Bank through the intermediary of Dominet S.A., in which MLGEMP is a shareholder. On 26th March 2002, Dominet S.A. took up 100% of the shares in Cuprum Bank and with this our bank became a part of the Dominet capital group and changed its name to Dominet Bank.
An essential element of the business plan drawn up by the new owner is constant increase in bank's own funds. In July 2004 Dominet Bank issued the first tranche of bonds under the Subordinated Bonds Issue Program, organized by BRE Bank S.A. This was one of the first transactions of this type in the Polish capital market, conducted between non-associated entities, where the bank was the issuer of subordinated debt securities. Following the consent of the Commission for Banking Supervision money obtained from the first issue of bonds of PLN 30 m increased Dominet Bank's own capital up to PLN 103.6 m. Owing to this, the bank's solvency ratio reached over 12%. In May 2005 Dominet Bank increased its own capital again up to PLN 124.7 m. The increase was conducted through an issue of shares whose total issue price reached PLN 7.78 m. The shares were subscribed to in full by the present shareholder - Dominet S.A.
Fortis Bank Polska S.A. Fortis Bank jest częścią grupy Fortis, powstałej w 1990 roku, w wyniku połączenia największej belgijskiej firmy ubezpieczeniowej AG 1824 z holenderską grupą AMEV/VSB. Działalność grupy na całym świecie obejmuje głównie dwa piony: bankowy i ubezpieczeniowy.
W Polsce grupa Fortis funkcjonuje głównie poprzez Fortis Bank Polska SA, ale także poprzez Fortis Securities Polska SA i Fortis Lease Sp. z o.o.
GETIN Bank GETIN Bank jest ogólnopolskim bankiem detalicznym oferującym szeroki zakres usług dla klientów indywidualnych oraz małych i mikro firm. Ofertę tworzymy zgodnie z potrzebami naszych Klientów. Z usług GETIN Banku można skorzystać w 114 oddziałach (w tym 21 Biur Kredytów Hipotecznych Dom) we wszystkich większych miastach Polski.
oraz w szerokiej sieci pośredników. Biorąc pod uwagę rozwój konkurencyjnych produktów oraz szybki wzrost liczby placówek, a także wzrost aktywów, GETIN Bank można śmiało określić jako najbardziej dynamicznie rozwijający się Bank w Polsce.
GETIN Bank jest bankiem o kapitale w 100% polskim. 98,2 % akcji Banku należy do Getin Holding SA – notowanej na Giełdzie Papierów Wartościowych grupy kapitałowej, w skład której - oprócz Banku - wchodzą spółki zajmujące się: doradztwem finansowym (Open Finance), pośrednictwem kredytowym (PDK oraz Fiolet), leasingiem (Getin Leasing i Carcade Leasing Rosja).
GETIN Bank includes Bank Przemysłowy, Górnoslaski Bank Gospodarczy S.A.
ING Barings Warsaw Zasadniczym celem ING Banku Śląskiego, wynikającym z jego strategii, jest rozwijanie i umacnianie pozycji w polskim sektorze bankowym poprzez dostarczanie zintegrowanych usług finansowych oraz zachowanie charakteru banku zorientowanego na klienta. Czynnikami wspierającymi realizację zamierzonych celów jest współpraca z Grupą ING, stosowanie nowoczesnej technologii, rozbudowa kanałów dystrybucji i świadczenie wysokiej jakości usług. Strategia rozwoju bankowości detalicznej zakłada świadczenie zintegrowanych usług finansowych, doskonalenie sprzedaży wiązanej i konserwatywne podejście do ryzyka. Klienci ING Banku Śląskiego mają dostęp do usług Banku 24 godziny na dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.
Invest-Bank S.A. W naszej misji wyrażamy to co jest dla nas najważniejsze w pracy, a także jakie mamy cele i jakie wizje dotyczące tego co będzie się dziać w przyszłości. Misja, choć jest sformułowana ogólnie, wyznacza nasze codzienne działania i nadaje im głębszy sens.
"Działamy szybko i nowocześnie w sposób wiarygodny budując długotrwałe relacje z Klientami generując oczekiwane przez akcjonariuszy korzyści".
Kredyt Bank Kredyt Bank to instytucja, która łączy innowacyjność z tradycją solidnej bankowości.
Od lat cieszymy się zaufaniem tysięcy klientów co pomaga nam umacniać pozycję na polskim rynku finansowym.
Jesteśmy dużym, giełdowym bankiem uniwersalnym, notowanym w pierwszej dziesiątce banków w Polsce. Obsługujemy różne grupy klientów, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem klientów detalicznych, private banking oraz małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw.
Strategicznym akcjonariuszem banku jest belgijska bankowo-ubezpieczeniowa Grupa KBC, która ma 85,53 proc. udział w kapitale akcyjnym banku.
Kredyt Bank pragnie być instytucją finansową pierwszego wyboru dla wybranej grupy klientów, którzy cenią profesjonalne i skuteczne usługi w zakresie realizacji ich potrzeb kredytowych, inwestycyjnych, transakcyjnych oraz bancassurance. Celem Kredyt Banku jest zadowolenie akcjonariuszy poprzez osiągnięcie odpowiedniej rentowności oraz zdobycie pozycji jednej z największych polskich instytucji finansowych poprzez pozyskiwanie i zatrzymywanie najlepiej wykwalifikowanych pracowników sektora bankowego.
Lukas Bank S.A. LUKAS Bank SA to nowoczesny bank detaliczny, ukierunkowany na kompleksową obsługę finansową klientów indywidualnych oraz osób prowadzących działalność gospodarczą. Bank należy do najbardziej dynamicznie rozwijających się instytucji finansowych w Polsce. Przyjazność, wygodna i szybka obsługa oraz łączenie zalet banku tradycyjnego i wirtualnego, to cechy, którymi wyróżniamy się na rynku. Swoją działalność LUKAS Bank prowadzi w ramach dwóch wyspecjalizowanych linii biznesowych: bankowość detaliczna i kredyty konsumenckie.
W ramach linii bankowość detaliczna LUKAS Bank prowadzi obsługę bankową klientów indywidualnych i osób prowadzących działalność gospodarczą. Różnorodność oferty oraz dostęp do nowoczesnych usług finansowych, zarówno w placówkach, jak i przez telefon i Internet sprawia, że LUKAS Bank znajduje się w czołówkach rankingów najlepszych banków w Polsce.
W ramach linii kredyty konsumenckie LUKAS Bank zajmuje się udzielaniem kredytów ratalnych na zakup towarów i usług dla klientów indywidualnych, pożyczek gotówkowych i kredytów samochodowych. W swojej ofercie ma karty kredytowe z limitem odnawialnym, wspólnie z sieciami handlowymi proponuje również karty kredytowe placówek handlowych.
Od 2001 roku strategicznym akcjonariuszem LUKAS Banku SA, jest francuski bank Crédit Agricole. Tym samym LUKAS Bank jest częścią jednej z największych instytucji finansowych świata. LUKAS Bank SA i spółki wchodzące w skład grupy Europejskiego Funduszu Leasingowego tworzą wspólnie Crédit Agricole Polska.
Plany Crédit Agricole Polska przewidują dalszy rozwój podstawowych linii biznesowych firm tworzących grupę. Grupa ma ambicje stać się jedną z największych grup finansowych w Polsce, a w przyszłości również platformą rozwojową strategii grupy Crédit Agricole w Europie Centralnej i Wschodniej.
LUKAS Bank Spółka Akcyjna z siedzibą we Wrocławiu,
53-605 Wrocław, pl. Orląt Lwowskich 1
wpisana do Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego * Rejestru Przedsiębiorców pod numerem KRS: 0000039887
Mazovia Regional Bank S.A. Association of banks from central Poland.
Mazowiecki Bank Regionalny S.A. jest młodym, dynamicznie rozwijającym się Bankiem, działającym na terenie całej Polski, zrzeszającym 80 banków spółdzielczych z terenu województw: pomorskiego, warmińsko - mazurskiego, podlaskiego, kujawsko - pomorskiego, mazowieckiego, lubelskiego i łódzkiego.
MR Bank S.A. posiada 7 oddziałów w: Ciechanowie, Łodzi, Łowiczu, Piotrkowie Trybunalskim, Płocku, Radomiu, Warszawie, oraz filię w Łodzi.
Naszymi klientami są: banki spółdzielcze, osoby fizyczne, firmy prywatne, a także instytucje samorządowe i przedsiębiorstwa państwowe.
Mazowiecki Bank Regionalny S.A. oraz zrzeszone banki spółdzielcze oferują klientom szeroki wachlarz produktów i usług bankowych w zakresie:
- prowadzenia rachunków bankowych
- dla klientów indywidualnych i przedsiębiorców,
- udzielania kredytów,
- produktów depozytowych i kartowych
- Oferuje karty: Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Electron dla młodzieży, Visa.
mBank mBank is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Catering to your needs and requirements is what mBank is all about.
mLinia lets you carry out operations that are accessible on the Internet.
The Automated Telephone Service is a great way to check your account details whilst you are on the move.
Using your mBank card you can access any Euronet or Bank Zachodni WBK - BZWBK24 cash dispenser and withdraw funds from your account free of charge. Your mBank card also lets you use the mBank cash deposit machine.
Millennium Bank Bank Millennium SA is a nation-wide, universal commercial bank offering its services to individual clients and institutions through four business lines: Millennium, Millennium Biznes, Millennium PRESTIGE and Regional Corporate Business Centers.
The Bank is the leader of the Bank Millennium Capital Group which includes: the brokerage house Millennium Dom Maklerski (brokerage services), BEL Leasing (leasing) and the Millennium Investment Fund Company.
The mission of Bank Millennium S.A. is to consistently implement the development and market position reinforcement programme. The goal of the Bank, stemming from the implementation of its mission, is to continuously grow Shareholder value, deliver premium quality universal financial services to all the Clients' groups and meet the challenges of development of financial services in Poland.
MultiBank MultiBank, part of BRE Bank S.A., is one of Poland’s fastest developing, modern banks. Since our launch, we have provided a range of banking services and created an innovatory approach to personal finance. All to save our customers’ money and reduce the interest they pay on their borrowings.
National Bank of Poland (NBP) The National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski) is the central bank of the Republic of Poland. Its tasks are stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the Act on the National Bank of Poland and the Banking Act. The fundamental objective of the NBP's activity is to maintain price stability. Under the Monetary Policy Strategy beyond 2003 drawn up by the Monetary Policy Council, the objective of the NBP is to stabilise the inflation rate at the level of 2.5% with a permissible fluctuation band of +/- 1 percentage point.
The most important areas of activity of the NBP are:
monetary policy,
issue of currency,
banking supervision,
development of payment system,
management of official reserves,
education and information,
services to the State Treasury.
In the coming years, the European integration processes, including efforts aimed at Poland's entry into the euro zone, will have the largest impact on the execution of the NBP's tasks.
The National Bank of Poland is responsible for the stability of the national currency. Fulfilling this constitutional obligation, the NBP develops and implements the monetary policy strategy and the annual monetary policy guidelines. Through the management of the official reserves the NBP ensures the requisite level of the State's financial security. As an issuer of currency, the NBP maintains the liquidity of cash payments. An important objective of the NBP is guarding the stability of the financial system. In order to achieve this objective, the Commission for Banking Supervision and the General Inspectorate of Banking Supervision (which is part of the structure of the NBP) supervise the banking sector and ensure the safety of funds entrusted to banks. As part of its supervisory and regulatory functions, the NBP oversees the liquidity, efficiency and security of the payment system. It also contributes to the development of a secure infrastructure of the financial market. Moreover, the NBP undertakes activities aimed at disseminating knowledge about economics, e.g. through publishing information on its website and operating the NBPortal - Economics Education Portal.
In order to ensure proper preparation for the adoption of the euro, the NBP will aim to meet the requirements pertaining to central banks of those countries that have already introduced the common currency. The NBP will also strive to achieve the position of a significant economic research centre, both domestically and operating within the European System of Central Banks.
Nordea Bank Polska S.A. A modern bank offering banking services via the internet, telephone, free-of-charge personalized SMS’s WAP and a network of branches. Its electronic banking was created on the basis of the Scandinavian Solo system, which has received many awards and which processes record numbers of banking operations executed via the internet.
Bank provides financial services to private individuals and companies. Nordea’s offer includes, among others, the Nordea account, the eFirma account and the eFirma plus account, attractive term deposits and low interest rate loans.
Pomorski Bank Kredytowy S.A. Full service banking with 60 branches located in Poland.
PKO BP PKO Bank Polski is the largest and at the same time one of the oldests Polish banks. The brand prestige has been built for decades and many generations of Poles have used the Bank's services. We feel obliged by the long tradition and our customers' trust. For this reason PKO Bank Polski strives to be perceived as:
- a reliable, strong and competitive market,
- modern and innovative, customer-friendly and effectively managed,
- sensitive to the material and spiritual needs of society, caring for the development of its cultural awareness.
The Bank's offer of services is constantly adjusted to the changing market conditions and customers' growing requirements. Although competition on Poland's banking market is very strong, the Bank has for years remained its leader both in terms of business achievements and financial results. This position is strengthened by the largest sales network. Additionally, the Bank develops alternative distribution channels, installing new ATMs and more terminals. Customers may also use the electronic banking services offered by the PKO Inteligo brand.
PKO Bank Polski is a leader among retail banks:
- has the largest number of deposits and savings-giro accounts (ROR),
- ranks first with regard to the number of bank cards issued.
Furthermore, the Bank is an important partner to corporate customers, both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations. It has a substantial share in the market of LGU services offered to local government units, such as communes, counties and provinces. It is also the leading organizer of municipal bond issues.
In addition to strict banking activity, the PKO Bank Polski Group offers specialised services and is involved in the sale of:
- various financial products, such as pension funds,
- leasing funds,
- investment fund units,
- electronic payment services.
Thus, PKO Bank Polski and its subsidiaries maintain a wide range of financial products and services.
Raiffeisen Bank Polska Corporate and retail banking, economic research, exchange rates, and quotations.
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. is a bank of the centre – we concentrate on servicing medium and smaller enterprises and the Polish middle class.
Vision: Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. is a Polish bank belonging to the RZB Group. RZB is a leading Bank Group in Central-Eastern Europe and in Austria.
Mission: We aim at building permanent relations with our Clients.
We offer the full range of highest quality financial services on the Central – Eastern Europe’s markets, including Poland.
In the international financial centres we are an important niche bank.
As an institution belonging to the Raiffeisen Bank Group in Austria we provide financial services for our shareholders.
We promote entrepreneurship and initiative among our employees and we take care of their constant development.
Volkswagen Bank Polska Volkswagen Bank Polska został utworzony na początku 1998 roku. Działalność operacyjną rozpoczął 30 lipca 1998 roku, po otrzymaniu licencji bankowej od Narodowego Banku Polskiego. Kapitał zakładowy banku wynosi 54,5 mln PLN. Volkswagen Bank Polska wchodzi w skład Volkswagen Financial Services AG oraz Kulczyk Pon Investment B.V. Zarząd Banku tworzą: dr Hans-Peter Lützenkirchen, Stefan Rasche oraz Przemysław Kowalczyk (Członkowie Zarządu).
Volkswagen Bank Polska doskonale zna potrzeby i wymagania Klientów kupujących samochód na kredyt. Finansowanie pojazdów to dziedzina, w której jest najlepszym specjalistą. Wiedza wynikająca z długoletniego doświadczenia na rynku europejskim oraz profesjonalizm w działaniu przyniosą korzyści wszystkim Klientom, którzy zdecydują się kupić na kredyt samochód marki Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT lub Škoda.
WestLB Polska S.A. Foreign exchange, money market and fixed income operations, credit and trade services, electronic banking.
Westdeutsche Landesbank Polska S.A. located in Warsaw was established under the Decision no. 1/95 of the First Deputy of the President of the National Bank of Poland ("NBP") dated February 10, 1995. The procedure to establish the Bank was undertaken and authenticated by a notary on March 6, 1995. The Bank became a legal entity on March 14, 1995 by the Registrar of the Local Court for Warsaw under number 43245 in section B. The Bank commenced banking operations in November 1995 after obtaining the consent of the President of NBP.
The Bank is authorized to carry outsome of the foreign exchange activities defined in Banking Law Act dated August 29, 1997 (Official Journal No. 140 from 1997, item 939 with subsequent amendments) by the President of the National Bank of Poland decision No. 5531/5/99 dated April 28, 1999 amended by the sub-sequent decision No. 5531/119/99 dated June 29, 1999.
WestLB Polska S.A. carries out its activities in accordance with:
- the Banking Law Act dated August 29, 1997 (Official Journal no. 140/97 item 939 with sub-sequent amendments);
- the President of the Polish Republic Regulation dated June 27, 1934 "Commercial Code" (Official Journal 57/34 item 502 with subsequent amendments);
- the Act dated December 18,1998 "Foreign currency Law" (Official Journal no. 160 item 1063); the Bank Statutes dated March 6, 1995 with subsequent amendments.
Other Financial Resources for Poland:
ING - a range of financial products and services rendered by ING companies in Poland.
Warsaw Institute of Banking - The Warsaw Institute of Banking works for financial institutions and their clients. Its goal is to develop and increase the effectiveness of the financial services market in Poland.
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