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Colorado InsuranceColorado Insurance

  • Affordable Benefit Options
    Affordable Benefit Options is an affiliation of several Insurance Agents in Colorado. We spend hundreds of hours each year researching all the insurance companies that do business in Colorado. We select a few of the TOP Rated companies to place our clients with. We want to make sure that you get the best value for your money.
    Over the years we have seen premiums escalate while benefits have decreased. Many of the insurance companies we placed clients with ceased doing business in this state. Several others became so selective that is was difficult if not impossible the place a client who had more than a common cold in their medical history.
    We started researching other options that would allow our clients to obtain and afford the medical care they desperately needed. We began looking at non insurance options for help. The majority of those we investigated turned out to provide little more than small discounts on Prescription Drugs, Dental and Chiropractic.
    16748-C E. Smoky Hill Rd. #243
    Aurora, CO 80015
    Tel: 720-870-6053
    E-mail: ray at

  • Applied Financial Strategies
    Applied Financial Strategies, Inc. is an online e-insurance agency, meeting the specific health insurance needs of small businesses and individuals. As your health insurance partner, AFS combines the convenience of providing customers personal health insurance quotes, coverage information, and the personal attention of a licensed health insurance professional.
    We offer:
    - Health Insurance - Request a quote, check out our discount and international plans
    - Dental Insurance - Family, Students, and Seniors
    - Life Insurance - Term, Whole Life, Special Risk, or request a quote

    Box 1155
    Delta CO 81416
    Tel: (866) 550-6900
    E-mail: info at
  • Colorado Health Insurance
    Hi, We're your health insurance brokers. We're here to help guide you through your numerous health insurance choices. We work with all of the Major Carriers and can help you get the best combination of premium and coverage (our services are free). We pioneered Instant Individual / Family Quotes and Instant Business / Group Quotes since 1996.
    We offer:
    Business Group or Self Employed Insurance
    - Health Insurance for Business Owners/Employees & Families.
    - One Person Businesses are OK.
    - May be Guaranteed Issue.
    Individual / Family Insurance
    - Health Insurance for You.
    - Individual Insurance for your Family.
    - Instant Comparison Quotes. Full Service.
    Medicare Supplements
    - Medicare Supplements for those 65 and over.
    - Some disabled people will qualify.
    2755 S. Locust, Suite 213
    Denver, CO 80222
    Tel (303) 782-0123
    Fax (303) 782-0804
    E-mail: Michelle at
  • Colorado Health Insurance Brokers
    Colorado Health Insurance Brokers is the #1 resource for instant quotes and side by side comparisons of the most popular plans from Colorado's top health insurance companies.
    6733 Coors St, 80004, Arvada, USA
    Tel: 303-456-7967
    E-mail: merickson at
  • Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA)
    In the early 1980s, public entities faced an insurance crisis. Commercial insurance carriers began excessively raising premiums for public entities, and even canceling public entity policies, leaving many Colorado municipalities without adequate, affordable insurance coverages.
    In response to this crisis, the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) was formed by Colorado public entities in 1982. By pooling resources to create CIRSA, public entities throughout the state discovered they could obtain quality property and liability coverages at a reasonable cost. As an added benefit, CIRSA members gained quality coverage and levels of service that far exceeded any they had experienced before.
    In 1988, CIRSA created a workers' compensation pool in an effort to provide additional quality coverage and services to CIRSA members.
    Since that time, CIRSA has grown into a highly effective and efficient organization that remains steadfast to its mission - to provide quality services and coverages that give Colorado municipalities and other public entities a unique advantage.
    3665 Cherry Creek North Drive
    Denver, Colorado 80209
    Tel: (303) 757-5475
    Fax (303) 757-8950

  • Equisure
    When you think of horses and insurance, you probably think of hurdles...
    At Equisure, we pride ourselves on giving you a smooth ride.
    Because we employ insurance people who are horse owners, competitors and equestrian participants, we really know the industry inside and out. Our personal involvement means our insurance solutions are up-to-date and will work for you. The unexpected in the horse world can be costly, but we have put together affordable coverage for your peace of mind.
    Equisure has more than 11 years' experience in the insurance field and we are proud to be the "Official Insurance Provider to USA Equestrian Members" and its affiliates. Why not make us your insurance provider?
    3000 S Jamaica Court
    Suite 210
    Aurora, CO 80014-4601
    Tel: (800) 752-2472
    Fax: (303) 614-6967

  • Goetz Insurors, Inc
    Goetz Insurors, Inc. was founded in Fort Morgan, Colorado in 1952 by Louis G. Goetz. For the past 50 years, we have continually provided insurance products to meet the wide demands of our growing clientele.
    In February 1992, Goetz Insurors, Inc. was named the national administrator of the equine insurance program of USA Equestrian (formerly the American Horse Shows Association). This appointment changed the scope of Goetz Insurors activities to a nationwide sales perspective. We are currently licensed to do business in forty-two states.
    PO Box 190
    227 Main St
    Fort Morgan CO 80701-0190
    Tel: 800-233-0428
    Fax: 970-867-4408

  • Land Title Guarantee Company
    Land Title Guarantee Company seeks to be the best title company in town as viewed by our customers, employees, and competition.
    Land Title is a customer oriented and profit motivated title and escrow company that offers a quality product with excellent service and differentiates itself from its competitors as the best-not the biggest. We are a company that does not over-react to market conditions or competitor actions, nor are we strangled by cost control measures; instead, we monitor critical expense areas to ensure bottom line success. We also pride ourselves on our reliability, and we constantly strive to improve the quality of life for our employees-our greatest asset.
    We want to be a company that:
    - is built on relationships with long term customers-in fact, we consider our customers as our partners in success
    - provides quality service, which allows us to grow
    - interacts with our customers and welcomes their feedback
    - does everything we can to not only assure a pleasant experience for our customers but to exceed their expectations
    - pays attention to our people, training them to be more effective and better equipped to serve our customers
    - looks for change in all areas and makes it a driving force
    - is technologically progressive
    - recognizes our civic responsibility, which is not only our obligation but which is just good business
    - has a spirit of entrepreneurship that comes from seeing ourselves as a partner with our clients-when they do well because of our service, we will do well.
    3033 E. 1st Ave. #600
    Denver, CO 80206
    Tel: 303-321-1880
    Fax: 303-322-7603

  • MedReview
    MedReview offers medical claims review and medical bill auditing and represents companies who self-insure their healthcare benefits. We audit our clients' paid medical claims, identify overpayments and obtain refunds for them.
    - Our business is to review medical claims, find payment errors, and as a result bring additional dollars to our clients' bottom line. Our program supplements procedural auditing.
    - Our clients have no financial risk.
    - We recover an average of 3% to 5% of claims with audits.
    - The time required by our clients' human resources personnel is minimal.
    - Our auditing personnel have extensive experience in all areas of the healthcare industry and are compensated based upon a percent of refunds obtained for our clients.
    1121 Gordon Ave.
    Thomasville, GA 31792
    Tel: 229-227-1866
    Fax: 229-227-1770
    E-mail: info at

  • Moody Insurance Agency
    Moody Insurance Agency, Inc. was founded in 1972, in Denver, Colorado. The organization began by providing specialized insurance and bonding for Colorado's construction industry. Now, more than 25 years later, the agency has grown and diversified into a risk management organization providing;
    - Commercial Insurance
    - Workers Compensation
    - Group Benefits
    - Personal Lines
    - Financial Services & Estate Planning
    - Surety and Fidelity Bonding
    The agency has acquired several "niche" market professionals to compliment its original construction industry focus group. Today's Moody Insurance is able to handle everything from an emerging local entrepreneur to the highly specialized national business enterprise.
    We look forward to exceeding your expectations!
    Tel: 303-824-6600
    E-mail: info at

  • Pinnacol Assurance
    As Colorado's oldest and largest provider of workers' compensation insurance, we offer more than just worker's compensation insurance coverage; we provide a proactive, team-based approach that fulfills employers' unique industry needs. Our mission is the same as it was in 1915 ? to provide an assured source of workers' compensation protection to Colorado employers and their greatest asset - their employees.
    We offer:
    - Unique team approach - Our team of workers' compensation specialists collaborates with policyholders to create safer work environments while delivering exceptional claims management and ensuring they receive the best value for their premium.
    - Aggressive and proactive safety programs - Our team of 23 safety professionals, which includes industrial hygienists and construction specialists, sets the standard for providing workplace safety service in Colorado. Policyholders receive one-on-one consultations from local representatives trained in OSHA requirements, workplace hazards, and cost containment certification.
    - Dedicated claims management teams - From nurse case managers to SelectNet providers to return-to-work specialists, our claims management teams demonstrate integrity and commitment to quality care and effective claims management. They seamlessly work together to benefit our customers.
    - SelectNet network - SelectNet, our fully integrated, proprietary occupational health network, gives policyholders access to doctors knowledgeable in work-related injuries and return-to-work strategies.
    - Special investigations unit - We make fighting fraud a priority with a special investigations unit (SIU) that takes all fraud referrals seriously. The SIU also conducts seminars throughout the state to educate businesses about fraud detection and prevention.
    - Legal services - We have an in-house legal staff and outside legal partners who specialize in Colorado workers' compensation case law. Our legal team provides expert advice on legal issues as part of the claims handling process.
    - Extensive online services - Our commitment to innovative service includes online tools to help policyholders effectively manage their claims.
    - Superior underwriting and auditing services - Our underwriters and auditors specialize in Colorado workers' compensation statutes and regulations, and they help policyholders select the plan that is right for them.
    7501 E. Lowry Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80230
    Tel: 303-361-4000
    E-mail: kimberly.romero at

  • Preferred Insurance
    Preferred Insurance was founded ten years ago. The owner is Carl Chavez and his support staff are Christine Chavez and Vicki Davis. Our primary focus is small business and the self employed. The primary products we sell are: Health insurance, Life insurance, Dental insurance and Disability insurance.
    We are not a mass wholesaler. Our focus is quality and service. We only deal with reputable insurers that pay claims and we service everything that we sell. We expect to help you with claims problems and try to solve them quickly. We are always available and will go the extra mile. We have a pretty large customer base from which you can secure references.
    5527 N. Union #100
    Colorado Springs, CO. 80918
    Tel: (719) 599-7989
    Fax: (719) 599-7989
    E-mail: cchavezins at
  • Weinberg Group
    The Weinberg Group and affiliated consultants offer life insurance, expert witness, and commercial mediation services to professional advisers and their clients. President, Michael D. Weinberg, JD, AEP, is a lawyer (licensed, not practicing) with more than 40 years of experience who specializes in life insurance and estate and business planning.
    Design and Fund Wealth Transfer Plans
    - Blend tax and estate planning law with innovative funding solutions.
    - Model sophisticated estate and business continuity plans, including private and corporate split-dollar under the new tax rules, and our proprietary "defective" grantor trust technique, The IDIOT Trust?
    - Update you with the newest techniques and strategies used by your counterparts.
    - Provide clear diagrams and text to help your clients grasp complex concepts.
    Life Insurance Consultant and Expert Witness
    - Solve problems of tax-detrimental policy ownerships, beneficiaries, and premium payers, including Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs).
    - Review and revise split-dollar plans to comply with new IRS rules and regulations.
    - Restructure existing policies to perform more safely and effectively.
    - Furnish second opinions on proposed insurance purchases.
    - Provide expert witness evaluation, preparation, and testimony in market conduct and other insurance controversies, including tax disputes.
    Commercial Mediation
    - Resolve complex business, commercial, and trust and estate disputes cost-effectively.
    - Save clients the time, money, and emotional stress of court proceedings.
    - Obtain quick results compared to protracted litigation.
    - Secure mediation's "win-win" benefits vs. litigation's "win-lose" detriments.
    4025 South Oneida Street,
    Denver, Colorado 80237
    Tel: 303.692.9599
    Fax: 303.753.9580
    E-mail: mweinberg at

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