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Delaware InsuranceDelaware Insurance


  • Affordable Insurance Network
    The Affordable Insurance Network of Delaware is a member of the IIAD and Trusted Choice. We are commited to providing superior customer service along with affordable and competitive rates.
    We are proud to represent the world's most trusted insurance companies:
    = Aetna
    = American Interstate Insurance Co.
    = Commercial Union Insurance
    = CNA Insurance
    = Consumers Insurance Co.
    = Harford Mutual Insurance Company
    = Indiana Insurance
    = General Accident
    = United National Insurance Group
    = Renaissance Mutual Insurance
    = Meridian Insurance Co.
    = Allied Group Insurance
    = Bituminous Insurance Co.
    = Southern Pilot Insurance Co.

    1218 Pulaski Hwy
    Bear, DE 19701
    Tel: 302-834-9641
    Fax: 302-8349642
    E-mail: rpeppelman at

  • Alexander Insurance
    Alexander Insurance, was founded in 1981 by Alex Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales remains the agency principal and President of the Company. His Insurance Career spans forty years with eighteen years in company management and twenty-two years in Agency.
    Company management experience includes management positions in various geographic locations and management levels including, National Director of Marketing for the Nationwide General Insurance Company in the Columbus Ohio headquarters of Nationwide Insurance. Mr. Gonzales holds a B.S. degree in Insurance from the Pennsylvania State University, and is also a Chartered Life Underwriter (C.L.U.) and Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (C.P.C.U). He is a graduate of the LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing Research Association) 78th agency officers school and the Ohio State University Griffith Foundation Insurance Management seminar in addition to various other insurance related courses. Industry activities include former officer of the Brandywine Valley Chapter CPCU, Member of the 1991 Delaware Insurance Department Property/Casualty Exam Development committee which re-wrote the State Property and Casualty Insurance licensing exam, and is presently a member of the Delaware Insurance Department Continuing Education Advisory Committee which reviews all courses submitted for Continuing Education credit in the state.
    Alexander Insurance is a multiple line insurance agency which offers Auto, Home, Life, Annuities, Pension, and Business Insurance programs. The agency holds licenses in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The agency operates from an owned building on East Main Street in Newark, Delaware. Our staff includes 6 licensed agents. Our entire staff looks forward to serving you.

    323 East Main Street
    Newark, DE 19711
    Tel: (302) 368-8541
    Fax: (302) 368-3690
    E-mail: info at

  • Allen Insurance Group
    What is Allen Insurance Group?
    = An Independent Insurance Agency
    - Specializing in meeting all the insurance needs of our clients.
    = Sixty years of proven experience
    - Third generation business
    = Servicing DE, PA, MD, NJ
    = Progressive Agency
    - Always a step ahead of an ever-changing marketplace.

    = Allen Insurance Group provides insurance coverage and financial services to individuals and businesses in a very unique way.
    = We strive to develop a friendly and productive relationship with all of the clients we serve.
    = Our dedication to service will exceed our clients' expectations in all of the products an services we deliver.
    = Ultimately, our emphasis on honesty and our customers' best interests will forge our future success.

    105 West 9th Street
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    Tel: (302) 654-8823
    Fax: (302) 654-8836
    E-mail: allen at

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware
    We've got plans to keep you healthy.
    = PersonalComp Plan - Get competitively-priced individual health care coverage from BCBSD for yourself and your dependents. If you qualify for coverage, this flexible, traditional plan offers six deductible choices and access to a full range of medical services.
    = Blue Choice - The choice is yours - go to any doctor or hospital you want, or save money by seeing our preferred providers. With this preferred provider organization (PPO), you don't need to choose a primary care physician or get referrals.
    = Blue Select - Each time you get care, you select how your benefits work. With this point of service (POS) plan, you can select any doctors or hospitals, or get the most from your benefits when you go to the primary care physician you have chosen.
    = Blue Care - Get all your basic care from your primary care physician who will refer you to specialists and hospitals when you need them. This managed care plan helps keep your costs low and covers most preventive care.
    = Blue Classic - The original health plan that's now a classic. With this traditional plan, you have the freedom to choose any doctors, specialists or hospitals you want - without referrals.
    = Dental - Our Dental Plans cover a broad range of dental services. You can get Traditional benefits or HMO-like benefits that are just right for you and your family.
    = Medicare Supplemental benefits - Our card is accepted nationwide. Doctor's offices and hospitals know and accept the Blue Cross Blue Shield card.
    = Value Added - Disease Management Programs, Blue Quality Transplant Network, COBRA Administration.

    P.O. Box 1991
    One Brandywine Gateway
    Wilmington, DE
    Tel: 302-421-3000

  • Bonding Agency
    We have built this web site and our entire organization around a simple idea. To serve our clients needs by making their bonds available easier, faster and cheaper! The process of obtaining surety credit has often been characterized as too cumbersome, too complicated, too slow and, for first time applicants, a mystery, Our goal is too provide superior bonding service to contractors and businesses of all types by simplifying bond application and bond processing.
    Clients of The Bond Agency.Com can:
    = Apply online
    = Download forms
    = Request bonds online
    = Receive bonds by e-mail
    = Review the status of their account on a private account page.
    Each client will also have a local account correspondent to provide on site service and consultation. This allows us to combine old fashioned personal service with the speed and convenience of the internet.

    306 S. State Street,
    PO Box 39
    Dover, DE 19901
    Tel: 302-678-9399
    Fax: 302-678-9409

  • CNC Insurance Associates
    Our team is a personable, service-minded professional group. Our well-educated and highly trained associates make your pursuit of reliable and affordable insurance coverage as easy as possible by monitoring your needs in a changing environment.
    The associates of CNC Insurance Associates, Inc., desire to find the right solution for you. Our personal attention and knowledgeable insurance advice enhances your individual and business security - which is our measure of success.
    Our goal is always to surpass your expectations. By diligently working together, we can provide you with the most comprehensive insurance program for the best price.

    20 East Division Street P. O. Box 831
    Dover, De. 19903
    Tel: 1-877-262-3276
    Fax: 302-678-3870
    E-mail: mail at

  • Insurance & Financial Services
    IFS has served Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey for over 50 years. We remain one of the largest independently owned and operated insurance agencies in the area. We continue to expand in our size and scope and in many respects, IFS has transitioned from an insurance agency to a strategic business partner, which is the key to our ability in meeting the demands of over 7,000 clients.
    In building strong relationships we deliver "more than expected" by providing services and solutions on a greatly expanded product line for all of your business and personal needs.
    Our mission commits every employee of IFS, Ltd. to a partnership role in helping you achieve your goals, solve problems, and take advantage of opportunities:
    "Insurance & Financial Services, Ltd. Delivers "more than expected " in satisfying the insurance and risk management needs of our clients through caring, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who help their clients achieve security"
    Today, we employ a well-trained, professional and dedicated staff of over 30. It is these individuals who carry the responsiblilty for delivering "more than expected" into the future.

    664 Yorklyn Road
    P.O. Box 970
    Hockessin, DE 19707-0970
    Tel: 800-598-0420
    Fax: 302-239-5722

  • Insurance Center
    We offer following insurance quotes:
    = Health insurance quote
    = Short term medical quote
    = International medical quote
    = Business insurance quote
    = Auto insurance quote
    = Dental plan quote
    = Life insurance quote
    = Homeowners insurance quote
    = Disability insurance quote
    = Annuity quote

    Health Insurance Center
    260 Chapman Rd. Suite 107
    Newark, DE 19702
    Phone: 302-292-1301

  • Kemper Auto and Home
    Kemper Auto and Home, A Unitrin Company, specializes in the sale of personal automobile and homeowner's insurance through a network of leading independent agents.
    Kemper Auto and Home has been a part of the Unitrin (NYSE: UTR) group of companies since June 2002. Unitrin and its subsidiaries have an "A" (Excellent) rating from A. M. Best, the leading insurance industry rating authority.
    Award-winning claims service and an array of comprehensive products are Kemper Auto and Home's hallmark. In addition to auto and home coverage, Kemper Auto and Home offers the following product options:
    = Package Plus: Combining auto and home coverage in one simple plan
    = Collectibles: Boasting coverage for 95 categories of collectibles, from hubcaps to fountain pens
    = Blanket Valuable Items (BVI): A simple solution that provides protection for a group of personal items
    = Scheduled Personal Property (SPP): Insurance for a wide array of individual items from jewelry and fine art to golf clubs and pianos
    = Repair or Replacement Coverage: Extra auto protection when collision repairs are extensive

    Tel (free): 1-888-252-2799

  • Wilmington Insurance Company
    Chartered in 1996 as a Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance, WIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilmington Holdings Corporation.
    WIC was chartered under the Laws of Delaware on January 7, 1996 as a Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Wilmington Insurance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilmington Holdings Corporation founded in 1995. The company (WIC) presently writes Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance in the State of Delaware only, as well as Homeowners and Condominiums at the beach. Wilmington Insurance Company is supported by its reinsurance treaty relationship with its principal reinsurers: General Reinsurance Corporation of Stamford CT. (AM Best; A++) and Lloyds of London (AM Best;).
    Wilmington Insurance Company is a subscriber of MSO Inc. and uses their rates and forms. WIC is a full line Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Company.
    WIC commenced underwriting operation 1/1/1998; WIC is listed in the A.M. Best "Green Book". WIC's Best rating is NR2; Insufficient Operating Experience. Please note it takes five years experience before A.M. Best will assign a full letter rating.
    WIC offers direct and agency billing with no installment charges.
    WIC also offers:
    = Quick turn around on quotes
    = Fast policy issue
    = Timely claim handling
    = Local service

    1313 N. Market Street
    Hercules Plaza - Suite 3230
    Wilmington, DE 19801-6101
    Tel : 302-655-0800
    Fax : 302-656-4774
    Email : info at

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