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Pennsylvania InsurancePennsylvania Insurance


  • A-Mark Inc
    We guarantee to pay you $500 if you are offered a lower rate for the same insurance product under the same terms. We are authorized by all of the major term life companies to sell at the lowest rates available.
    The competing quote must be for exactly the same product (the same company, coverage amount, term and guarantees) and for the same person (same gender and date of birth), and assuming the same underwriting rate class. Since rates vary depending on age, the competing quote must have been prepared on the same date. This guarantee does not apply to insurance industry employees.
    To collect your $500, please mail a copy of the competing printed offer you received to: A-Mark Inc., 715 Twining Rd., Suite 201A, Dresher, PA 19025, clearly identifying the details of your quote (date of quote, gender, date of birth, rate class, insurance company, product/guarantees and quote source), and containing your name, address, email address and daytime/nighttime telephone numbers. After we verify the accuracy of the information, we will contact you and then send your check via overnight mail. Please note that insurance regulations prohibit us from handling any of your insurance transactions if a fee of any type is paid to you.

    Phone: 215-886-4740
    Fax: 215-886-4749
    Email: service at
    Postal Address: 715 Twining Rd.,
    Suite 201A,
    Dresher, PA 19025

  • A.M. Skier Camp Insurance
    Welcome to the insurance agency that is so totally immersed in camping, we think of ourselves as a camp!
    Established over 75 years ago, AMSkier Insurance has refined and even redefined the concept of insuring children's summer camps.
    Today, the total approach of the agency's specialized camp division - "CampSkier" - is based on a simple credo - Broad Shoulders Bright Ideas.

    209 Main Avenue
    Hawley, Pennsylvania 18428
    amskier at

  • ABC Public Insurance Adjusters
    At ABC Public Adjusters, our goal is to help you when disaster strikes. We will quickly explain your current policy coverage, file the claim for you, represent your interests, and get you the maximum settlement.
    Insurance companies will not fully represent your interests. If you submit the claim yourself you can be sure that the interests of the "company" will come first. This is not out of the ordinary, this is just "business". The less they pay you, the more assets the "company" retains for its stockholders. Be assured that if an offer is made, it will, in most cases, be less than you are rightfully entitled to.
    Remember, the insurance company's personnel are paid to protect the interests of the insurance company and not yours.
    At ABC Public Adjusters, you are our client and your interests come first. Our expertise in managing claims will free you from the emotional and time consuming struggles with the insurance company. We know what to look for, how to talk the insurance language, and how to get results. Best of all you pay us nothing until your claim is completely settled. Our fees are on a percentage basis from the settlement, not out of your pocket.
    We work hard to earn your trust, resolve your claim quickly, and to become a friend you can always count on.

    6425 Torresdale Avenue
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19135
    (215) 333 - 3300

  • Academy Life Insirance Company
    ?provides life insurance for active duty and retired enlisted military personnel.
    At Academy Life, we service Life Insurance for enlisted and retired military personnel as well as their families. We value our customers and want to help them in any way we can. Let us assist you to maintain and continue your valuable coverage with Academy.

    Life: 1-800-523-5625
    Life Fax: 1-800-392-8139
    11975 Westline Drive
    St. Louis MO 63146

  • The Insurance Center
    Established by Steven Affolder, Jr. in 1962, our company writes all types of insurance coverages.
    Currently, The Insurance Center serves the insurance needs of approximately 4,000 individuals and families, and 900 business concerns in Allegheny County and the adjacent areas.
    Our office includes a state-of-the art computer system for record keeping and on-line capabilities with many of our companies.
    The Insurance Center is a firm of caring and conscientious people; the kind of people that you can depend on.
    Our primary objective is to be honest and fair in all our dealings while treating our client's needs as though they were our own.
    We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you!
    We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, and we place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at the most competitive price.

    Phone: 412.366.9100
    Fax: 412.369.2859
    Email: insctr at
    8700 Perry Highway
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237

  • The Pfeffer Insurance Agency, Inc.
    AlanHilling: Independent Insurance Agent

    Because I work for an Independent Insurance Agency, I not only represent Erie Insurance Group, but other quality insurance companies as well. I will search our database of insurance companies to give you the best price for the finest insurance to protect you and your family.
    Over 10 years experience serving the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York areas.
    I will take whatever time is necessary to make sure you understand what you are purchasing and why you need the coverage I am suggesting.
    I will be happy to provide you with a no cost, no obligation review of your current insurance program.

    332 Holland Street
    Erie, PA 16507
    Office: (814) 870-3109
    Toll-Free: (800) 458-0811
    Alan at

  • American Financial Concepts
    Preparing for the future isn't easy today. The journey to financial independence must be properly planned and well-executed. It has obstacles that must be avoided and others that must be met head-on. With each passing year, you have learned that to secure your future you must have experienced, caring, professional help. American Financial Concepts provides that help.
    AFC can offer a broad range of services including Major Medical coverage, Disability, Annuities, Life Insurance, and Retirement & Pension Plans. Through several reputable companies such as Life USA, Northwestern Life (NWL), Pioneer, American Fidelity & Liberty (AFL), Guarantee Trust Life (GTL), Unity Mutual, Conseco, Continental, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, American Medical Security, Central Reserve Life (CRL) & Assurity to name a few. All of these companies possess "Best's" A+ rating.
    = No Market Risk to Your Money GUARANTEED!
    = Absolutely No Asset Fees GUARANTEED!
    = 100% of Your Money Working GUARANTEED!

    RD1 Box 211D
    Latrobe, PA 15650
    1 - 724 - 423 - 2002
    1 - 800 - 919 - 2682

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