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Scam Letters
Financial Directory

Scam Letters, Part 78

Here you will find scam letters sent to people's mailboxes. The letters include "Nigerian" scams, "phishing", "winning" notifications, "employment", "booking", "mystery shopping", and other scams.



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Scam letter:

Date: Sat, May 29, 2010 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Dearest One.

Dearest One.

After reading your profile on the internet I became interested in you and also want to know more better you . My name is Nora Williams, 19 year old girl a student, my late father was a former gold minister in Sierra-Leonebefore he was killed by the group of rebel.

Before the death of my father, he called me one early morning which is still fresh in my memory and told me of some money he had deposited into a fixed account in a bank here in Ivory Coast Abidjan for my schooling and some other needs when I am old enough to take care of myself. Now, since my father is late and our family members are after me to kill me so as to inherit my
fathers wealth, I kindly seek your help in claiming this funds from the Bank and invest it into a business in your country while you shall also help me get a visa into your country so that I can further my education and we live together happilly.

The reason why I seek your help is because I am still a little girl and cannot go for claims of that funds from the Bank because of my age status. I shall send you the bank here contact details as fathers business partner overseas and shall forward all the deposit documents to you as soon as I can confide in you that you wouldnot sit in the funds after it gets to your care.

Please,I want you tokindly tell me more about youself and what you do for a living.

I also want you to reply to me immediatelly as the political status of this country is not safe for me.

Also send me your telephone number in your reply so that i can call you for discussions.

Thanks a lotand God Bless you.


Nora Williams.

Scam letter:

Date: Fri, May 28, 2010 at 2:05 PM

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Pastor James Robinson from vine temple.. We are looking for a travel agent that can be helping our church missionaries do airline ticket traveling from Lagos to different parts of the world.

Below are some names we want you to help us make booking for :

Oladele/Oyeleke /Mr

los(lagos nigeria) To kul(malaysia kuala lumpur) ( Round Trip) On Egypt Airline
Destination: malaysia
Depart:1st june 2010
Return: 8th june 2010

adarabierin/ babajide mathew /Mr

los(lagos nigeria) To kul(malaysia kuala lumpur) ( Round Trip) On Egypt Airline
Destination: malaysia
Depart:1st june 2010
Return: 8th june 2010

Kindly make the reservation and reply back with the prices and the type of CREDIT CARD you accept for payment so that they can be book and issued today.

Thank You

James Robinson

Scam letter:

From: Miss Rosemary <>
Date: Fri, May 28, 2010 at 6:40 AM
Subject: Hello Dear

Hello Dear,

I know this might come to you as a surprise, but please do accept it in good faith and treat as a matter of urgency with utmost confidentiality. I am Miss Rosemary Alexander from Northeastern Africa Sudan, now seeking for refugee in Dakar Senegal under the (UNHCR).

My (late) father Dr. Alexander Kewrell, was the Managing Director of Sudanese Boost Co. Ltd company of importing Machineries & Equipments for Industry, also a successful business man of exporting of cocoa. But he was killed along side with my mother during the longing civil war and all his properties were totally destroyed. I couldn’t help it but cry as I became homeless. I felt so devastated and depressed as I have lost virtually everything I had including my school certificates and my passport. The only hope I had to live for a better life was the certificate of deposit and my late father’s Will. Whatever the struggle I went through, I always ensured nothing separates me from these documents as my life depends on it right now.

However, after the death of my parent, I managed to escape with a very important document (DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE ($5.7USD) Five Million Seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars deposited by my late father in one of the leading bank with my name as the next of kin.

I am searching for a true friend. Some one who is God fearing, kind and honest to stand as my foreign representative to help me transfer my inheritance funds so I can leave this camp and come over to your country and continue my education.

Furthermore, you can contact the bank for confirmation, I will send to you the full contact address of the bank, once I get your positive response to help me with the transfer of the funds to your bank account, and help me with the investment of the funds, and my coming over to join with you in your country.

In the light of above I will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for I am afraid of loosing my life and the money.

Please kindly reply if you know in your heart you would want to help me.

Remain Bless
Miss Rosemary Alexander.

Scam letter:

From: Dr. Bright Okogu <>
Date: Thu, May 27, 2010 at 12:15 AM

From: Dr. Bright Okogu

Attention: Sir/Madam

This is to inform you that resolution was reached by the incumbent democratically elected Government Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) with delegates from World Bank and other top Government functionaries to ensure transparency, probity and accountability regarding the immediate release of all overdue/outstanding payment to bonafide beneficiaries on or before 7 banking working days.

Based on the outcome of the resolution, joint accord was reached by the United States of America Government (USA), British Government, and International Monetary Fund (IMF) with Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) to pay concerned beneficiaries at least part of their overdue/outstanding payment, while the balance payment should be release by the end of the year.

In the light of this development, the sum of Six Million Five Hundred United States Dollars only has been approved in your favor as your part payment. Therefore, you are advised strictly to forward with immediate effect the under listed information to enable us facilitate the release of your part payment without further delay.

(a) First Name
(b) Last Name:
(c) Office/Residential Mailing Address
(d) Tel, Mobile/Fax Numbers

It is also important you advice us with your preferable method of payment. All response in respect of Payment should be forwarded to the office of the Director General Funds Transfer/ Telex Unit Metro Remittance Bank Plc via contact information below.

Name Dr.Kenneth Cole

Tel: 234-709-204-601

Office Email

Yours faithfully

Dr. Bright Okogu
Director General Budget Office of the Federation (FRN)

Scam letter:

From: Google AdSense <>
Date: Thu, May 27, 2010 at 10:16 PM
Subject: You're eligible to receive an AdSense Payment this month.

According to our records, you've passed the payment threshold and are eligible to receive an AdSense payment later this month -- if you have no holds on your account.

You have until end of day Pacific time (GMT -8 hours), on the 15th of this month, to resolve any account issues and still be included in this month's disbursement. to make sure this your account is in good standing to receive a payment, please log into your account at .
You'll see more information in the pink box on your Overview page when you log in. If you are already testing the new AdSense interface, you'll find more information under "Alerts" on your Overview page.

Remember, if EFT is available in your country, we encourage you to sign up. For more information please visit:

Congratulations! We hope you receive your payment soon.


The Google AdSense Team

Google Ireland Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

Registered in Dublin, Ireland
Registration Number: 368047

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Email Preferences: You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google AdSense account.

Scam letter:

From: <None>
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Subject: Требуются сотрудники

Требуются сотрудники для осуществления переводов на счета системы Yandex.Деньги.
Возможность работать на своем компьютере и зарабатывать деньги при частичной занятости без вложений. Не сетевой или многоуровневый маркетинг. Не требуются специальные навыки. Мы ищем серьезных людей, способных и желающих зарабатывать серьезные деньги.

Режим работы и оплата по ставке, в месяц:
ежедневная работа - 800$
будни - 600$
2 через 2 - 400$
выходные - 200$

Суть работы:
Каждый рабочий день согласно выбранному графику оператору начисляются средства на кошелёк в системе Yandex.Деньги, на электронную почту высылается информация со счетами получателей, суммами и примечанием назначения платежа.

Совершить все транзакции требуется в любое время в промежутке с 6.00 текущего дня (предоставляются средства и информация за весь день) до 6.00 следующего дня (начало следующего рабочего дня). Находиться за компьютером круглосуточно не понадобится, занимает работа до четырёх часов в день при условии непрерывной работы.
Объём выполняемой работы - 120 переводов в день, каждый перевод занимает до двух минут.
Заработная плата начисляется по ставке согласно выбранному графику работы. Переводимые суммы не влияют на уровень заработной платы, которая начисляется исключительно по ставке.

Заработная плата может начисляться на Ваш счёт Yandex, кошелёк WebMoney, счёт любого банка (пластиковую карту) либо почтовым переводом.
Начисление на пластиковую карту производится в национальной валюте по курсу: гривна – НБУ, рубль – ЦБ РФ на момент начисления (на WebMoney – в любой валюте). При получении на банковский счёт либо пластиковую карту снимается комиссия от 0.8 до 2%, в зависимости от банка (комиссионный сбор за начисление средств). При получении почтовым переводом, на WebMoney или Yandex комиссия отсутствует.
Начисление возможно: ежедневно, еженедельно, ежемесячно – выбираете Вы.

Осуществлять переводы имеют право физические лица с кошельком, который прошёл процедуру проверки владельца.

1. Расширенный кошелёк обязателен, т.к. Ваши паспортные данные, зафиксированные аттестатором являются гарантией сохранности денег, предоставленных Вам для переводов.
2. При поступлении на стандартный кошелёк суммы более 500$ система автоматически блокирует его до установления личности владельца кошелька - получения статуса кошелька «Расширенный».
3. Расширенный кошелёк является обязательным условием для заключения договора.
Он расширяет Ваши права в системе, позволяя совершать массовые переводы любых сумм, снимая все ограничения, а стандартный кошелёк позволяет совершать не более 10 переводов в день с оборотом не более 500$ в год.

Если Вы являетесь владельцем Расширенного кошелька - отправьте на нашу почту номер кошелька для дальнейшей связи.
Если с системой ранее не работали либо кошелёк Стандартный - требуется повысить статус.
Это можно сделать у любого регистратора Yandex.Деньги либо через нашего.
Расширенный кошелёк не имеет срока действия и может быть использован Вами в дальнейшем в любом проекте, имеющим отношение к данной платёжной системе либо использован как «паспорт внутри сети интернет», совершать покупки в Интернет-магазинах без ограничений, оплачивать услуги ЖКХ, телефон и т.д.
Стоимость регистрации расширенного кошелька составляет 500р. Дополнительные данные в файле №2.

Вся работа осуществляется через сайт системы: , имеющий русскоязычный интуитивный интерфейс. При отсутствии опыта Вам предоставляется полная поддержка и помощь для быстрого освоения системы.
Для консультаций касательно выполнения переводов в процессе работы будет предоставлен контактный номер многоканального телефона, icq, и e-mail, работающие с 6.00 до 24.00 ежедневно кроме государственных праздников.

1. Если нет возможности работать день или более ?
Если Вам нужно уехать в отпуск либо любая другая причина - Вы должны будете нас предупредить. В крайнем случае - в этот же день любым способом.
Ваша работа на это время предоставляется другим работникам. Соответственно эти дни не оплачиваются.

2. Нужно ли заполнять заявление если у вас уже есть Расширенный кошелёк ?
Нет, оформлять повторно не требуется.

3. Как проверить уровень моего кошелька ?
Всего два типа кошельков. Стандартный - выдаётся при регистрации, и Расширеный - присваивается при обращении к аттестатору для повышения уровня с заявлением и документами.

4. Как проверить уровень кошелька другого пользователя системы ?
Проверять уровень кошельков других пользователей системы Вы сможете только после получения Расширенного кошелька, так как являетесь анонимным пользователем и не имеете права получать персональную информацию о владельцах других кошельков.

5. Для кого предназначены эти переводы, кто является работодателем и оплачивает данную работу ?
Данную работу предоставляют интернет-биржи, которые таким способом выплачивают з/п участникам различных бизнес-проектов, интернет-инвесторам и т.д, я которые являются резидентами стран СНГ.
Вы будете начислять средства за содействие, разработку программного обеспечения, инвестиции и проценты за предоставленные кредиты.

6. Требуются ли предварительные взносы ?
Если Вы являетесь владельцем Расширенного кошелька – мы уже можем заключать договор, если нет – то потребуется его оформить.

7. Каковы риски потерять деньги, ответственность ?
Ошибочные платежи исключены, т.к. на Ваш кошелёк будут установлены ограничения. Вы сможете переводить деньги только в установленном нами направлении. Соответственно ответственности не несёте. При регулярных попытках перевести деньги на посторонние счета происходит разрыв трудовых отношений.

8. Что требуется для того, чтобы приступить к работе ?
Выслать Ваш номер Расширенного кошелька. Если статус Вашего кошелька Стандартный - заполните заявление для повышения статуса и вышлите его на наш e-мейл.
После подачи заявки для Вас обязательно резервируется объём работы и валюта, в которой Вы предпочитаете получать заработную плату. Мы занимаемся повышением статуса только для работы, соответственно обязаны зарезервировать вакансию чтобы гарантировать трудоустройство сразу после повышения статуса.

9. Каковы гарантии, что будет выплачена з/п ?
Для гарантирования получения заработной платы возможно ежедневные выплаты.

10. Почему нельзя автоматизировать платежи ? Ведь написать такую программу легко !
Именно из-за подобных программ в 2004 году руководство системы ввело правило, по которому каждый платёж должен обязательно подтверждаться лично владельцем кошелька - вводом искажённого кода с картинки, т.к. этого не может сделать компьютер.
Подобные виды программ рассылались массово под любым видом – бесплатные программы, вирусы, обновления и т.д, после чего программа успешно перечисляла деньги на указанные реквизиты. По этой причине пришлось отказаться от автоматизации с целью 100% обеспечения безопасности пользователей и их средств.

11. Можно ли изменить режим работы ?
Изменять режим работы можно только после получения полного цикла заработной платы (со следующего месяца) либо путём разрыва и нового заключения договора. Сообщать об изменении графика заранее.

12. Насколько система защищена от взломов и каковы риски, связанные с этим ?
Система Yandex.Деньги - единственная система, использующая восемь систем безопасности из восьми существующих. С большей частью из них Вы сможете (могли) ознакомиться в процессе регистрации.
Именно по этой причине для выплат была выбрана именно система Yandex.Money, которая является Российской денежной системой, очень удобной, и широко используемой в пределах стран СНГ для on-line рассчётов.

С уважением, OpenTransfer LTD .

Жилов Антон Евгеньевич:
руководитель представительства ООО «OpenTransfer LTD».

Александровская Инга Васильевна:
координатор работы.

Глызин Алексей Анатольевич:
контроль и безопасность.

Водонаев Игорь Владимирович:
техническое обеспечение,
+38 066 4967924 консультант на телефонной линии (10.00-20.00)

Литвяк Анна Игоревна, Матюхин Антон Алексеевич, Лубан Жанна Олеговна:
support, информационная поддержка по e-mail:

Scam letter:

From: <None>
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Subject: Оператору системы Yandex.Деньги LTD

Оператору системы Yandex.Деньги LTD
от гражданина __________________________,
паспорт, номер ________________________,
выдан _____________(кем, когда выдан)___,
который родился __________(где, когда)___________
прописан по адресу ___________________________


 Прошу Оператора системы Yandex.Деньги принять мои паспортные данные в качестве аттестационных для персонализации кошелька «4100**********», зарегистрированного на моё имя.
Подтверждаю, что все действия, выполненные мною с моего кошелька подтверждаются мною лично. Прошу повысить статус кошелька до уровня «Расширенный» снять ограничения на совершение переводов внутри cистемы на основании предоставленной информации, правдивость которой подтверждается мною лично и документально на основании «Порядка подачи документов для персонализации» в соответствии с регламентом Центра Сертификации, предоставляю для проверки документы лично, либо любым другим способом по требованию оператора.

Получение Расширенного кошелька - процедура установления личности владельца кошелька, проверка его паспортных данных доверенным лицом системы Яндекс.Деньги, аттестатором (регистратором). Это электронный сертификат, закрепляемый за кошельком владельца, представляет из себя статус кошелька, который открывает больше возможностей и прав в данной электронной платёжной системе (снимает ограничения на кол-во и суммы переводов, даёт подтверждение другим участникам системы о личности владельца данного кошелька, что вызывает доверие, позволяет заключать электронные договора и т.д, позволяет проверять статусы кошельков других пользователей системы, заключать договора, зарабатывать на Интернет-биржах, оплачивать бытовые услуги, и т.д.)

Отправить на e-mail:
Порядок подачи документов для персонализации в соответствии с регламентом Центра Сертификации
Для физических лиц*: первая стр. паспорта и прописка (в отсканированном виде) + заявление
оформление занимает 24-36 часов
Для юридических лиц: обращаться за дополнительной информацией
Заявление без документов* не принимается.

Scam letter:

From: <None>
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Subject: Руководство по регистрации в системе Яндекс.Деньги

Руководство по регистрации в системе Яндекс.Деньги

Проходите по ссылке для регистрации. При выполнении данной операции Вы регистрируете е-мейл Яндекс, который будет логином для входа в кошелёк. Обязательно сохраните логин и пароль.
Далее проходите по ссылке где создаётся кошелёк. Также нужно указать платежный пароль, который должен отличаться от пароля, указанного ранее. После подтверждения Вам будет присвоен номер кошелька.

1. Для входа в кошелёк после создания
2. Логин и пароль, указанные после перехода по первой ссылке для регистрации е-мейла используются для входа в интерфейс кошелька.
3. Платёжный пароль используется для перевода денег с кошелька. Его нужно будет вводить при совершении каждого платежа.

При возникновении проблем обращайтесь к оператору поддержки по телефону либо e-mail:

Scam letter:

From: PAUL MARK <>
Date: Thu, May 27, 2010 at 10:45 AM

I am Mr. Paul Mark, writing to inform you of our desire to invest in your country on behalf of Princess Haya Sheikh of Saudi Arabia. Considering her very strategic and influential position, she hopes that the transaction is strictly confidential as possible. Also, want to disclose her identity at least for now, until the completion of the transaction. Hence our desire to have you as our agent abroad to protect and invest her funds in a profitable business. I have therefore been directed to investigate whether you would agree to act as a foreign agent in order to update this transaction.
If you can handle this, then you can come back to me via email.
Mr. Paul Mark.

Scam letter:

From: A.M <>
Date: Thu, May 27, 2010 at 3:53 PM
Subject: Transfer of $150 Million US Dollars from Yukos Oil Corporation.


Firstly, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this discussion which is confidential involving a pending transaction requiring maximum confidence and your co-operation. I am certain and have confidence in your reliability to prosecute this entire transaction.

I am the Executive Assistant (EA) to Mr. Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky who is the President/CEO of the YUKOS OIL CORPORATION (Russian Largest Oil Corporation) with branch offices worldwide. Mr. Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky who was considered as the most powerful of the Russian business oligarchs, and in the year 2002, he was named the 16th wealthiest man in the world.

As the (EA) to Mr. Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, some documents for $150 Million U.S Dollars was handed over to me for the payment of a foreign contractor. Already Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky has released this funds $150 Million U.S Dollars to Yukos Oil Corp Account with the Paying Bank in Hong Kong from where the final wire transfer is expected to be effected. While I was on the process of transferring the funds, Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was arrested on the 25th of October, 2003 and was later prosecuted and sentenced to (9) nine years in prison on the 31st of May, 2005 on charges of massive fraud and tax evasion.

See the website below to better understand the problem facing Mr. Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky:

The Russian government has filed new charges against Mr. Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky with an aim of keeping him in prison indefinitely. A wide variety of local & foreign politicians, lawyers and journalists considers the process leading to the imprisonment of Mr. Khodorkovsky to be politically motivate. Mr. Khodorkovsky involvement and financial support for the opposition political party in Russia posed the greatest challenge ever to Vladimir V. Putin who happens to be the current Prime Minister of Russia and was formerly president from 2000 to May 7, 2008. It is widely believed that Vladimir V. Putin, and the many officials he placed in power during his presidency, will continue to exert significant influence on the government and politics of Russia for many years to come.

Therefore, on behalf of Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, I solicit your help so you can stand as the foreign contractor/beneficiary of the said funds after which we can re-profile all documents in your favour which would be forwarded to the Paying Bank in Hong Kong for the wire transfer of $150 Million U.S Dollars from the Yukos Oil Corp Account into your nominated bank account.

Upon receipt of your immediate response, we shall discuss the compulsory modalities to see this transaction to successful conclusion. I have all necessary documents to secure the transfer in your favour.

Note that you will be entitled to 15% share of the total funds as your compensation for your assistance. I consequently request your maximum assistance and approvals to facilitate the transfer of the $150 Million U.S Dollars from the Paying Bank in Hong Kong, where these huge funds were deposited.

In conclusion, I guarantee that this transaction would be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect us from any breach of law.

I await your prompt reply.

Best Regards,
Albert Misbichler

Scam letter:

From: Elvis Sanz <>
Date: Wed, May 26, 2010 at 11:48 AM
Subject: We provide financial services such as Loans, Letter of credit, SBLC,BG, and lots more for investors.


I am Master Elvis Sanz from Guinea Bissau ,Sequel to your favorable and trustworthy profile, i do hope that we can have a very cordial corporation not minding the actual scope of your company's work as it will never be affected. The aim of my contact with you is to secure funds for investment purposes with you, as i will explain more below.

My late father made the deposit of the funds during his lifetime, though his sudden subsequent death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by business associates of his, which traveled with him at that time. But i don't know the truth of what really happened!

Fortunately before his demise he informed me that he had the sum of the Sixteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars.(USD$16.500,000) secured and deposited for our future here in favor of me, this funds being his life saving and capital from his numerous business at home and overseas. He asked me to seek for a reliable foreign person to help me secure and transfer this fund abroad for investment and our future.

Now i was in a school in a nearby country when this unfortunate incident and really don't know much about international business. I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards. Please you will need to help me; to secure and have the fund will be transferred to your country. After which i can join you in your country to complete my education. Now permit me to ask these few questions

1. Do you be capability to honestly help me?
2. Twenty percent of the total amount in question will be good for you as a reward for this help, after the money is secured and transferred into your account.

Please, consider this request of mine and get back to me as soon as possible through a reply mail to enable me clarify you on more details for us to proceed. and also provide me your direct contact phone number for easier communications between us during this business project.

Yours Sincerely,
Elvis .

Scam letter:

From: Mr. Simon Dornoo <>
Date: Wed, May 26, 2010 at 1:25 AM


I got your information from your country's business directory. I want to make an investment/partnership business proposal to you which value sum of $56,559,000 (Fifty Six Million, Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Thousand United States Dollars). Of which I believe, will be of mutual benefit to both of us.

I need your co-operation to transfer the above mentioned sum out of Accra-Ghana to your account.I am confident that you will give your consideration to this proposal and response positively within a short period of time. I am available to discuss this proposal with you and to answer any questions you may have in regard to this fund.

As soon as you give your positive response to this proposal, I will not hesitate in sending you the details information of this business. This transaction is 100% RISK FREE.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you.


Mr. Simon Dornoo
Barclays Bank Ghana
Head Office
P.O. Box GP 2949
Accra, Ghana.

Scam letter:

From: Tim Tookey <>
Date: Wed, May 26, 2010 at 2:15 AM
Subject: Re: GOOD DAY!!!

From: Mr. Tim Tookey.
Group Finance Director.
Lloyds Banking Group United Kingdom.
Office: +44 702 407 7880
Good day,

I am Mr. Tim Tookey, the Group Finance Director of Lloyds Banking Group United Kingdom. I personally discovered a dormant account with a total sum of $95,000,000.00 [NINTY FIVE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY] during our Bank's Account Auditing. The owner of this dormant account died on 4th Jan 2002. Since the death of the deceased, nobody has operated in this account till date. I mean NO BODY! Moreover, this account has NO BENEFICIARY attached to it.
Definitely, our BANKING CODE OF ETHICS will confiscate this fund if it remains dormant for a period of [9] year without no claims. In this regard, I earnestly need your full cooperation in transferring this money out of our bank to avoid our bank confiscating this fund.
HOW THE TRANSACTION CAN BE HANDLED: As the group finance director of our bank, all our client account details and file are in my possession and that makes it easy for me to include your name as the beneficiary of the fund in all necessary documents involving the money we wish to transfer out from our bank.

Most importantly, you will be required to:

(1). Act as the original beneficiary of the funds.
(2). Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.
(3). At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 60% for me while 40% for you.

Note: I will split the transfer into two 2 stages for easy and smooth transfer. First, I will transfer $5,000,000.00 to any valid foreign account you will nominate, upon a successful transfer without any disappointment from your side; I will then fly to meet you in your home destination for sharing, thereafter we jointly transfer the remaining balance of $90,000,000.00 for magnitude investments. I will also like us to invest some part of the money in your country.
So the main question is; Will you partner me in this transaction? If you are willing to cooperate in this project, call me / reply back to me as soon as possible now through my private email below for more details:


Yours truly,
Tim Tookey
Mobile: +44 701 114 0040

Scam letter:

From: Kambale Cirilio <>
Date: Wed, May 26, 2010 at 1:30 AM
Subject: reconsider

Dear Sir,

My name is Kambale Cirilio from Angola but residing in London.I saw your listing in the site and I was impressed, hencemy resolve to contact you for a business Investment.I will wait to receive your response and will forward to you details of my investment proposal and also inform you of your remuneration in participation.Please for further correspondence regarding Investment, I will request you send me a mail via my email.

Mr Kambale

Scam letter:

From: Mr.Mack Shawn <>
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 11:37 PM
Subject: Hello My Dearest

Hello My Dearest,

Sorry for any inconveniences. I am in search of a reliable and trusted person (s) to assist and advise me on lucrative areas of investment in your Country.

If you might be willing to offer your advise, Kindly get back to me so I can inform you of precise details of my area of interest.You can contact me on my private e-mail:

Mr.Mack Shawn

Scam letter:

From: Gideon Williams <>
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 10:16 PM
Subject: Compliment of the day !

Compliment of the day
From: Gideon Williams

Hello Dear one,
I am aware that this is not a normal approach in starting a relationship, but you need not to worry as i use this way to contact you it is due to is only means i can reach you confidentially I do apologize for approaching you in such a manner and allso I apologize if the contents hereunder are contrary to your moral ethics, I hope that you will read through this email and understand how difficult things can be for someone in a particular period in life.

My name is Gideon, I am the only son of late Dr & Mrs. J. Williams from Sierra Leone. My father was a big time diamond dealer, his business was flourishing until the United Nation placed embargo on diamonds from West Africa. When theembargo was enforced, my father started having problems with bank transactions in respect of making deposits and receiving payments for diamonds purchased by his customers. Because of the problem he started storing cash in the house. It is sad to say that my parents passed away mysteriously during one of thier business trips to Abidjan -Cote d'Ivoire to negotiate on a cocoa and gold business which they wanted to invest in Abidjan-Cote d'Ivoire.

Though My father's sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of mine who travelled along with them at that time.It is only God who knows the truth.Before his death, he had a deposit with a financial house here in Cote d'Ivoire, where he made a deposit of(USD$7.Million This money was for the purchase of cocoa procession machines and development of another factory,unfortunately he did not meet his target before his untimely death.

Why I contacted you,is due to the agreement he had with the company during the deposit, Ive been denied total access to retrieve the deposit due to my tender Age, the Manager told me precisely that the consignment was deposited as african artworks onbehalf of his foreign partner but he used my name as the next of kin.

That the company will follow the agreement written and signed by both (the company and my father). I was advised by the company to look for a foreign partner before I can have access to retrieve the consignement.Since security here cannot be guaranteed besides,Ive lost my father,I hereby ask you to do me a favour by standing as my late fathers foreign business partner and the beneficiary of the money to enable the company to effect the releaseon your behalf. beside the company is not aware of the containt of the consignment as money but rather african artworks.

I have plans to invest this money in continuation with the investment vision of my late father,but not in this place again rather in your country. I have the vision of going into real estate and industrial production,I am writing you to please see how possible it is for you to assist me claim the box from the security company .

Thanks and may God bless you.
Best Regards,
Gideon williams

Scam letter:

From: Mr.Powel Jordan <>
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 7:29 PM
Subject: Business proposal for you.

Business proposal for you.
From Mr. Powel Jordan

Dear Partner,

My Name is Mr. Powel Jordan, I am The bill and exchange manager in a my bank. our client lodged the sum of 15, 000.000.00 GBP.(Fifteen Million British pounds)the fund has been dormat for years My reason to contact you is because I am a novice to international business/any lucrative project. We will need your concept to invest the sum in your country under your custody.

Meanwhile, I would need you to confirm your ability to handling this transaction before I will explain in details. If you are interested, please I would want you to keep this proposal as a top secret also note that you will have 50% of the total sum if you agree to transact this business with me. please send me your full names, contact address and private phone/fax via my email.

I await your response for further details thanks.


Powel Jordan

Scam letter:

From: <>
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 11:24 AM


Good thing to write you,
we Have A Proposal for you, INTEND to establishe we with you in your Which Country Is Not mandatory rules however will Compel In Any Manner Honour to you Against your will.

Dearest I am Anthony and my sister Morine of Our late Mr and Parents Mrs Kone Kurubos. Our Father Was a highly reputable business magnet-(acocoa merchant) WHO operated in Abidjan capital of Ivory Coast During historical days.It That is sad to say I Passed away mysteriously in France During one of historical business trips abroad.

Though His sudden death Was linked or Suspected to Have Been Rather masterminded by an uncle of ours Who Travelled with Him at That Time. But God knows the truth! "Our mother died When We Where small, and since then Our Father took us so special.Before His death, My father Called Me and Told me that I have the sum of (USD $ 15,000.000) (Fifteen MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) deposited with a security company as a Trunk box Cote'D Ivoire in west Africa.

Weitere I Told me that I deposited the box with the name of a business partner while i am the next of kin and That the security
Company That Is Not aware the content of the box is cash. We are just young 20 years old and 18 to highy school and college people, Knowledge of business with little Which is why we are in Need of a Whom partner will assist us to get this fund released for Investments his or her country in while I will proceed with Our education.

Dear, We are in a sincere desire of your humble assistance program on this Regard, and your suggestions and ideas will be highly appreciated.Now FEW These permit us ask questions?
1. Can you honestly do this transaction with us? Completely 2.Can We trust you? Please, Consider this and get back to us as soon as possible so That We dog Give you the full informations That will be need. And We will want you To Know That You Are We Have the frist person contact for this transaction.
Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly.
Best regards,

Anthony and Morine Kurubos

Scam letter:

From: Jerry Del Missier <>
Date: Sun, May 23, 2010 at 7:38 AM
Subject: hello


My name is Jerry Del Missier, I am the senior Auditor in charge of Foreign Remittance Unit of our bank and I decided to contact you for this financial transaction worth forty million Dollars ($40 MILLION) for our present and future success. This is a dormant deposit that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family through plane crash on 16th September 2007:

Meanwhile I was very fortunate to come across the deceased customers file when I was sorting the old and abandoned customers files in other to sign and submit to the entire bank management for official re-documentation and to finally hand over the dormant deposit to the Government of United Kingdom based on the recent law imposed by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as recorded in the World Press Conference on Tuesday 6 December 2005, for your information about the prime Minister decision on dormant accounts visit:

In the United Kingdom Foreign banking rules and regulations which was signed by all Financial institutions operating in United Kingdom states that if dormant fund remains unclaimed till the period of (30 Months) starting from the date when the beneficiary died, the money will be transferred into the Government Bank treasury as an unclaimed deposit.

However, it is against the banking ethics for a staff of the bank to lay claim on dormant deposits left by deceased customers hence the reason to contact you. As a foreigner you can rightly stand as the next of kin and the money can be successfully transferred in any of your nominated bank account.

After the success of the business, We shall agree that { 40% } Fourth five Percent will be for you in respect of all your assistance for this transaction and {40% }forty Percent will be for me being the pioneer of the business and 20% will be donated to the poor and less privileged in the society. If you are really sure of yourself, Trustworthy, Accountability and confidentiality on business transaction, contact me and accept not to change your mind to betray me, or disappoint me when the deposited funds is released into your bank account. So reply for the assurance with this necessary information to facilitate an easy communication.

Your Full Name:
Your Address:
Your Age:
Your Occupation:
Your sex/status:
Your Telephone number:

You notify me so that I will let you know the next steps and procedures to follow in order to finalize this transaction immediately, Expect your urgent communication.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jerry Del Missier

Scam letter:

From: Phillip R. Jalloh <>
Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 4:24:44 PM
Subject: FYA: FROM: Phillip R. Jalloh
Files: Message.html, Urgent VRT.pdf

Please go through the attached investment proposition and I will really appreciate it if you can give me a call or send a message indicating your interest or not.
Yours Truly,
Phillip R. Jalloh

From: Phillip R. Jalloh
Phone: +27-71-082-4945 Fax: +27-11-507-5216

Request for Confidential Business Relationship

First, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction. I am a high placed official working with Department of Finance (& Economic Affairs), in Cape Town South Africa. I and two other colleagues are currently in need of a silent foreign partner whose identity we can use to transfer the sum of Thirty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S. dollars. This fund accrued
legitimately to us as commission from foreign contracts, through our private connections.

The fund is presently waiting to be remitted from ABSA bank here in South Africa to any overseas beneficiary confirmed by us as associate/receiver. By virtue of our positions as civil servants in my country, we cannot acquire this money in our names. Because as high placed civil servants, we are not allowed by the civil service code of conduct to own or operate bank accounts outside of our shores. On the other hand, it is not safe for us to keep the money here due to unstable political environment.

I have been mandated as a matter of trust by my colleagues, to look for an overseas silent partner who could work with us to facilitate transfer of this fund for our mutual benefit, hence the reason for this email.

What I am requesting from you is: (1) to be our silent partner and receive the funds as the sole benefactor to the contract amount which we shall secure all legal documentation to authenticate our claim. (2) Provide a private telephone and fax number for easy
communication under your control .(3)Receive the funds as the beneficiary, take out your commission and keep the rest of the money until I arrive there to meet you after the transfer is completed.

My proposal is that after you receive the funds, it would be shared as follows: (1) 15% to you as commission for your co-operation and assistance in facilitating the transfer, while the remaining 85% belongs to me and two colleagues. You will be free to take out your commission immediately after the money hits your country. Since our objective is to invest the money in a foreign country, it would be appreciated if you could also help us with advices and direction on investing into profitable/lucrative ventures in your country for an additional 3%.

However, this is optional, and if it is not convenient for you to further assist us with investing the money, we can end our cooperation after you make available to us our part of the money.

The transaction, although discrete, is legitimate and the money will be transferred successfully with all necessary back-up official documents showing legitimate source/origin of fund. The transfer will be affected within a period not longer than two weeks as soon as we reach an agreement and you furnish me with a suitable response indicating your interest for processing the transfer. I plead with you on one issue, whether you are interested or not, kindly do not expose this information to any one else.

I confirm that the transaction is legitimate and without any risks either to us or yourself.
Please, give me your response immediately by return mail through my alternate email:

Yours Faithfully,

Phillip R. Jalloh.

Scam letter:

Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 4:15:11 PM
Subject: Reply ASAP

you have a message from the United Nation. Please read the attached message.

United Nations Assisted Program
Directorate of International Payment
United Nations Liaison Office - Africa
Fund Beneficiary,

The united nation (U.N ) is running an assisted program as it was signed in an agreement with the ARAB GOVERNMENT during our first meeting this year with our PRESIDENT Commander In-Chief Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan and the FBI to fight against this and to return all contract funds that has been stolen and people who has been scammed too.
it has been acknowledged you that your e-mail address was found among the list of foreigner that have been scammed by Nigerian Fraudster and you have a share from the compensation fee.
A total sum of ($500,000.00) Five hundred thousand united state dollars in cash has been set aside for compensation which will be delivered to your door step by an accredited diplomatic courier.
You have two options to receive your payment which is either a Pin Based ATM card or Certified Cashiers Check. You are advised to select one out of the two options on how you wish to receive compensation/money. Your ATM card or Check/Bank Draft will be shipped via FedEx Shipping Company and would get to you within 2 to 3 working days at most.

The actual fees for shipping your ATM card or Cashiers Check is $225.99 but because Fedex have temporarily discontinued the C.O.D which gives you the chance to pay when package is delivered for international shipping as stated on their website

We had to sign contract with them for bulk shipping which makes the fees reduce from the actual $225.99 to $125.99 nothing more and no hidden fees of any sort! You are advised to contact the dispatch officer responsible for the shipping of your Check or ATM card with the following information for shipping of your payment Check or ATM card.

Dispatch Officer: Dr.Raymond Bute
Telephone + 234 7034276776

And provide him with the following information:

Your full Name...
Your Address:.................
Home/Cell Phone:...................
Preferred Payment Method (Check or ATM):................

The dispatch officer will provide you with instructions on how you are to make payment of the $125.99 only for the shipping of your ATM card or Cashiers Check.

Remember that you are not paying any fees extra no matter what.
Amb. Anthony Moore
UN Envoy (Afrian Region)

Scam letter:

From: kmanisa <>
Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 8:06:32 AM
Files: Part.txt

An Affiliate of Honda Uk.

Your email have been awarded a grant prize of 1,750,000.00 GBP in the on going HONDA PROMOTION PROGRAM 2010,to claim your prize Contact Claims Agent Mr. Richard Olsen: Contact Via Office Number: +44 703- 190-3141

You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:
Name..... Country.........
Age....... Occupation.........
Phone/fax..... Male/female......

Yours Sincerely,
(MR.) kamaly Manisa (Program Co-ordinator.)

Scam letter:

Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 11:46 AM

Dearest one,

My name is Elizabeth D.Tinambacan,The wife of Rev. Jemias Tinambacan who was the Deputy Secretary General of Bayan Muna party-list group in Southern Tagalog.who was attacked and killed in philippine on the 27 may 2006.
Before my late husband was killed, I inherited sum total of ($14,000.000 USD. Fourteen Million USDollars) from cocoa business import we made with my late husband, this money which my late husband put in a metalic trunk box and deposited it in a security and finance company in Cote D' Ivory. This deposit was coded under a secret arrangement as a family treasure.

This means that the security
company does not know the content of this trunk box.
My main purpose of sending you this mail is because of the way I found you and perhaps trustworthy to give you this priority of shipping the box of money to any address that you think is very secure and save in your country.kindly Contact your claims agent at e-mail:

I hope to trust you as who will not sit on this money when you claim it.i made up my mind to give you 15% of the total money for your help ,after you have secured the box for my kids future.
Hopping to hear from you.
Elizabeth D. Tinambacan.

Scam letter:

Date: Friday, May 28, 2010 4:54 AM
Subject: Winning Notification



Your Email address have been selected as a winner of the Nokia Million Online Free Lotto which was attached to the following details

(i) Winning Numbers: 37-13-43-85-67-11,
(ii) Nokia Account Ticket Number: FL754/22/76,
(iv) The File Ref Number: FL/04/736207152/UK,

This Lottery is sponsored and promoted by the Nokia Company as part of their social responsibility to patronize and advertise their product and the sum of One Million United States Dollars ($1,000.000.00USD) has been approve to you for immediate payment as the winner for the 2010 Lottery promotion.

Contact the Nokia Claims Dept with the following details for processing and collection of your winning prize.

Agent Name: Dr. Green Wood

Make sure you provide them with your Winning Numbers, File Ref Number and your Nokia Account Ticket Number and also the under listed information's

1. Full Name: --------------------?
2. Address: -----------------------?
3. Nationality: -------------------?
4. Age: ---------------------------?
5. Occupation: ------------------?
6. Telephone Number: ---------?
7. Present Country: -------------?
9. Fax [optional]:----------------?
10. Monthly Income: -----------?

Congratulations once again on your winning!!



Copyright © 1968-2010 Nokia Free Online Lottery Inc All Rights Reserved.

Scam letter:

From: "Mrs. Rachael Miller" <>
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010 4:59 AM
Subject: RE: Your Bank Draft Of $1,000,000.00

I have been waiting for you to contact me for your Confirmable Bank Draft of $1,000,000.00 United States Dollars, but I haven't heard from you since them.

Then I went and deposited the Draft with AFRI SECURITY COMPANY West Africa, I traveled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not come back till end of August.

What you have to do now is to contact the AFRI SECURITY COMPANY as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date. For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country.

The only money you will send to the AFRI SECURITY COMPANY to deliver your Draft direct to your postal Address in your country is ($120 USD) Dollars only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $120US Dollars.

I would have paid that but they said no because they don't know when you will contact them and in case of demurrage.

You have to contact the AFRI SECURITY COMPANY now for the delivery of your Draft with this information below:

Contact Agent: Mr. John Harris
Email Address:
Telephone: +23480-6895 6217

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address() and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the tracking number to enable you track your package over there and know when it will get to your address. Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $120 US Dollars for their immediate action. You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your Draft.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Rachael Miller
Presidential Library & Museum Former Director
International Online Lottery Co-ordinator.
© 2010

Scam letter:

From: "Australian Lottery Program" <>
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 12:48 AM
Subject: your email address has won the Sum of $400,000.00 USD

Dear Winner,

We are please to inform you today 11th May 2010,That your email address has won the Sum of $400,000.00 USD (Four Hundred Thousand U.S. dollars ONLY) from Australian International Lottery Program.To receive this sum,You will Contact the Regional Claims Agent in Africa where this year's Lottery was Coordinated along with the below information's:

Regional Claims Agent:Sir Richard Smith

Claims Requirements:

Ticket Number:4700172507056490102 & Serial Number 7741134002nd This Batch Renders Lucky Numbers as follows 5-13-33-37-42 & Bonus Number 17

1.Full Names:
5.Contact Address:
6.Telephone Number:
8.Annual Income:

Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Linna Martins.

NOTE: Do not reply to me, but you have to contact Sir Richard Smith.

Scam letter:

From: "Lloyds TSB Online" <>
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010 4:51 PM
Subject: Your Lloyds TSB Online Banking Account is temporary suspended
Files: Online Authentication Procedure.html

Dear Lloyds TSB Online Customer,

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the Lloyds Online Banking system. We recently noticed the following issue on your account:

Unusual account activity has made it necessary to limit sensitive account features until additional verification information can be collected.

Please fill in all the details that are required to complete this verification process.

To do this we developed a new secure way that keeps your banking safe, we have attached a form to this email to complete this process. Please download the form and follow the instructions on your screen.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporary suspend your account.

The Lloyds TSB Security Department Team.

Scam letter:

Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010 11:19 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to officially inform you that your contract/Inheritance/lottery file presently on my desk has been verified and it is clear you have not received your sum payment due to your lack of co-operation. After the Board meeting held in Abuja,we have resolved in finding a solution to arrange your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America,Africa and Asia Pacific.This is part of an ion/mandate passed by the Senate in respect to overseas contract/inheritance payment and debt re-scheduling and also the Nigerian Government is using this mean towards all the citizens of the United states and all part of Europe including Asia,Australia, South America, Antartica e.t.c and all those who have lost their funds in either scam, or an uncompleted business or otherwise.

If you are one of those beneficiary interested to receive your sum payment via ATM card which will be credited with the sum of $5million(five million dollars} before it is been sent to you then you are to contact us immediately and We will credit and send to you this ATM CARD approved in your name which you will use to withdraw your money via ATM MACHINE in any part of the world,and the maximum weekly limit is also stated alongside the documents that will come along with the ATM card.The Nigerian Government has taken care of the shipping fee.

If you like to receive your fund this way,Kindly contact me with the followinginformations below.
(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Full residential address:
(3) Phone:
(4) Occupation.:
(5) personal identification.

If the informations requested is sent we will direct you to the dhl courier service to contact Mr John Anderson for the delivery of this card to you and if he is requesting for another shipping fee then You will have to report him to me immediately. When you receive your ATM card, you have to alert me so that we can give you process of how to activate for withdrawal process. After you might have started making use of your ATM card then you can reward my firm one way or the other you knows best.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Dr.Braide Akingbola
Director(Swift Card Payment Center)

Scam letter:

From: "Mrs. Grace Ann (Hon.)" <>
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 2:27 PM


Attention: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you the out come of Federal Executive Council meeting we held with the new president of Nigeria in the person of Dr Goodluck Jonathan.

This is to inform you that your matter is one of the issue raise out based on many report we are receiving daily based on the your inability to receive your contract /inheritance valued USD$5Million that was due for payment in your favour long ago.

This is to notify you that you are among the beneficiaries that the Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Finance forwarded their outstanding payment file to us for payment. This is after the agreement reached during the signing of Economic Aid loan agreement between the Nigerian governments with the G8 in partnership with IMF/WORLD BANK.

Note that after the last meeting we held I have been instructed by the presidency to arrange for the immediate payment of your contract/inheritance fund, as regards to this order you are hereby advice o reconfirm the following information such as:

(1) Your Full Name
(2) Your current address
(3) Your cell phone/fax number
(4) Your Occupation and Age

Upon reconfirmation of the above mention details, then we shall give you further details in respect to release your over due payment valued at USD$5M.

Kindly reconfirm the receipt of his mail by submitting the required information. Finally, you are hereby advice to forward all the required information to Godwin Benson via Email (

Mrs. Grace Ann (Hon.)
Secretary (FMF)

Scam letter:

Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010 11:04 PM
Subject: Your over due payment
Files: Your over due payment.eml

Imf world regulatory office
International funds regulatory authority
Inter-continental debt reconciliation dept.
From the desk of: honorable Esmond Michael
Director; Imf world regulatory office.

Attention: provision of affidavit of claim certificate for legal cover/ protection of $15.5m in your favour.

After the meeting today, we have reduced the payment for the clearance certificate to $75 so that you can meet up with the payment. Please you are given only 24hours to do this payment so that we can release your $15.5m USD in our care. So we advice you to pay the $75 through the western union money transfer or money gram with the below information and send the payment details to me.

Please your name has been short listed for payment. Please kindly see what you can do to make this payment today. We assured you that this is the only and last payment and please note that this 2010 we are ready and willing to pay out your fund once we receive the payment of $75 only.

My good friend you have suffered enough. I want you to know you have come to the end of the road and your fund must be released to you as soon as you make the payment today.

Visit on how to send it.

Name: Mr. David Uzoigwe
Text question: good
Text answer: best
Amount: $75
Address: Lagos state /Nigeria

Please go and send it immediately and send to me the payment details immediately.

We wait for your urgent response immediately today

Esmond Michael

Scam letter:

Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010 3:12 PM


This Is To Notify You That After Our Meeting Today With The President, Accountant General Of The Federation, Office Of The Senate House, And House Of Representatives We Came To A Conclusion That We Have To Pay You The Sum Of $10.7Million As Your Contract Entitlement. The Payment Will Come To You Via Gold Diplomatic Courier Service; Therefore You Are To Re-Confirm The

1. Your full name
2. Full address
3. Direct Phone
4. Direct Fax
5. Occupation, age and marital status
6. Nearest Airport

Yours Sincerely,


Scam letter:

From: "PayPal Inc." <>
Date: Friday, May 21, 2010 10:59 PM
Subject: Your regularly scheduled account maintenance !


I am Sir Usmandan Phodio .The Director incharge of Auditing section of Bank of Africa (BOA) in Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso . I need your urgent business assistance in transferring an abandoned sum of ($9 Million) dollars left by a deceased customer of my bank immediately to your account.

If you are interested and ready to partake in this great business opportunity,kindly send your profiles to me including your full name,your private telephone number etc ,for easy communication.

I will send you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will receive 40% of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business.

Regards .
Sir Usmandan Phodio .

Scam letter:

From: "PayPal Inc." <>
Date: Friday, May 21, 2010 10:59 PM
Subject: Your regularly scheduled account maintenance !
Files: PayPal_Limited_From.html

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedure we have detected a slight error in your billing information.

This might be due to the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information (ie. change of address, email address)

2. An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment due to an internal error within our systems.

Please verify your information. To do this we have attached a form to this email. Please download the form and follow the instructions on your screen.
NOTE: The form needs to be opened in a modern browser which has javascript enabled (ex: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 9)

We are requesting this information to verify and protect your identity. This is in order to prevent the illegal activity of PayPal accounts.

Please do not reply to this email.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

PayPal Security Team.

Scam letter:

From: "Mrs. Rosemary Campbell" <>
Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010 11:20 AM

Customers Service Hours--Monday to Saturday:
Office Hours Monday to Saturday:

Greetings !!!

We have been waiting for you to contact me for your Trunk Box worth $1,650,000.00 (One Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars), being compensation fund for 150 scam victims, but I did not hear from you all this while.

I have deposited the Trunk Box with FEDEX COURIER SERVICE, West Africa, I traveled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not be back until completion of my 3 months course. What you have to do now is to contact the U P S COURIER SERVICE immediately to know when they will deliver your consignment to you because of the expiring date.

For your information, I have paid for the delivery Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the consignment showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorism attack in your Country. The only money you will send to the U P SCOURIER SERVICE to deliver your Trunk Box direct to your postal Address in your country is US$185 only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except US$185.

I would have paid that but they refused, because they don't know when you will contact them and in case of demurrage. You have to contact the U P S COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of your Trunk Box with this information below:

Contact Agent: Mr Smith Williams
Email Address:
Phone Number: +234-8027385402

Reconfirm the below information to the agent:
Full Name;........
Home Address;........

Let me repeat again, try to contact them immediately you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay the Security Keeping fee of US$185 for their immediate action. You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your consignment. Below is an attached copy of your trunk box.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Rosemary Campbell

Scam letter:

From: Mr.caleb Johnson <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 7:27:19 PM
Subject: Fran Mr Caleb Johnson

Kara van,

Jag ar Mr Caleb Johnson, bitradande chef for Nat West Bank i Harlesden, nordvastra London, England. Jag skriver dig som galler ett affarsforslag som kommer att ha en enorm fordel for oss bada. I min avdelning ar manager Greater London Regional Office upptackte jag en summa av 15 miljoner pund (femton miljoner pund) pa ett konto som tillhor en av vara utlandska kunder Late Mr Moises Saba. Han var en judisk verksamhet mogul fran Mexiko som var ett offer for en helikopterkrasch i borjan av aret. Mr Moises Saba var 47 ar gammal nar bada hans hustru, hans ende son Avraham (Albert) och hans svardotter dog i helikopterkrasch.

Du kan fa mer information ar nar det galler att kraschen och doden av var avlidne kund Mr Moises Saba pa webbplatsen webbadressen nedan.

Valet av kontaktar du upphetsad av geografisk karaktar av var du bor, sarskilt pa grund av kanslighet for transaktionen och sekretessen har. Nu var bank har vantat pa nagon av de anhoriga att komma upp for pastaendet men ingen har gjort det. Jag personligen har tappat malet att hitta varken anhoriga eller nagon anhorig. Jag soker ditt medgivande att presentera dig som de narmast anhoriga / kommer mottagaren att den avlidna sa att intakterna fran detta konto varderats till 15 miljoner brittiska pund kan utbetalas till dig.

Detta kommer att betalas ut eller delas i dessa procentsatser 60% for mig och 40% till dig. Jag har fatt alla nodvandiga juridiska dokument som kan anvandas for att backa upp detta pastaende vi ar pa vag att gora. Allt jag behover ar att lagga upp namn till handlingarna och legalisera vid den brittiska High Court for att bevisa att du berattigade mottagaren. Allt jag behover nu ar din arliga samarbete, sekretess och palitlighet for att vi ser denna transaktion igenom. Jag garanterar dig 100% framgang och att denna affar kommer att genomforas under tillampningsomradet for lagen och kommer aven att skydda dig fran alla overtradelser av avtalet.

Ge mig foljande som vi har 7 arbetsdagar pa sig att kora det genom:

1. Ditt namn :
2. Kontaktadress
3. Yrke :
4. Position :.
5. Ditt kon / alder 
6. Telefonnummer :
7. Nationalitet :

Efter att ha gatt igenom ett metodiskt soka, jag bestamde mig for att kontakta dig hoppas att du kommer att finna detta forslag intressant. Vanligen pa din bekraftelse av detta meddelande och ange ditt intresse jag kommer att forse dig med mer information's.

Ditt samtycke till denna e-post och affarer forslaget kommer att vara mycket uppskattat.

Mr Caleb Johnson
Den bitradande chefen Nat West Bank London

Scam letter:

From: Mr. Franklin Woods <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 4:53:04 PM
Subject: ....Mr. Franklin Woods For Bristol Investment Brokers Ltd....


I write to you based on a request for an investment option in your country by a high profile clients of mine My name is Mr. Franklin Woods, I'm a business developer in my Country.My reason for contacting you is that I have an urgent need to invest some fund amounting to Ј10,200,000.00 (Ten Million,Two Hundred Thousand pound sterling) into small business in your country for a client of mine.What he requested is an individual such as yourself, who will be willing to put this money to good use for a period of 3 years for a start.He is offering you these terms.

(1)5% will be paid to you as an administrator of the total fund to be managed.

(2)The fund will be used by you as a foreign Administrator and re profile the fund as a loan without any interest. That is, you do not pay any interest on the money, but you will give him 50% of allprofits after tax that will accrue from the use of the fund. If these terms are agreeable to you, kindly let me know and I will provide you with other necessary information.

Waiting for your reply message.

Best Regards,

Mr. Franklin Woods
For: Bristol Investment Brokers Ltd.

Scam letter:

From: Fund Release Department <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 3:00:00 PM


Our Ref: ATM/13470/IDR Your ref: ............ Best Befor: 30/6/ 2010


This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your contract payment.

Secondly, you are hereby advised to stop dealing with some non-officials in the bank as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to receive your payment immediately.

After the Board of director's meeting held in Abuja, we have resolved in finding a solution to your problem. We have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America, Africa and Asia Pacific; this is part of an instruction/mandate passed by the Senate in respect to overseas contract payment and debt re-scheduling.

And also the Nigerian Government is using this mean to rewards all the citizens of the United states and all part of Europe including Asia, Australia, south America, Antarctica e.t.c in all those who have lost their funds in either scam, or an uncompleted business, or otherwise, You should know that if you are interested to receive your ATM card which will be credited with $920,000 united states dollars before it is been sent to you direct to your doorstep through the courier service.

If you like to receive your fund this way, Kindly get back to me with the following information?|s below so I can start arrangement on how to get your ATM Card shipped to you

(1) Your Full Name: ..................
(2) Full residential address: .......
(3) Phone And Fax Number: ................
(4) Occupation: ......................
(5) Personal identification: ....................
(6) Present Country: ...
(7) Age: ...........

This message is supported by the Nigerian Government, after you might have started making use of your ATM card, you can reward my firm one way or the other you knows best.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Finally, for further discussions, you are advised to call or email the Director CBN, IRD, ATM,
Mr. Mark Johnson on:


As soon as you receive this message for further update.


Mrs.Mariam Downs(Hon.)

Secretary to the Presidency


Scam letter:

From: Jane Yormie <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 1:41:03 PM
Subject: FROM JANE,
Files: Message.html, 10.jpg, 0a47a69671c5c0e1fffe8fetx3.jpg

Hello My Future Hope, Meany thank for your reply to my mail, I'm Miss Jane 23 years old, from Liberia in western Africa,Fair in person (never married before) I have special reasons why I decided to came to your address contact . True, it is left for me to say, but I know that I am an honest girl, reliable, truthfull, loving kindness, open-minded, intelligent, easy going, faithfull and care.Currently I am living in a refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as the result of the political situation in our country Liberia.
My late father John Winpoe Yormie was Deputy National Security Minister Charles Taylor's government. He was falsely accused of plotting to remove (President of Liberia Charles Taylor) from office. Without a trial, Charles Taylor killed him, I do not know how to say this;But it is formed in accordance headlines in the CNN, BBCnews bulletins.You can see this, some international newspapers available on the web sites below:
My father before his death sent a note to me , regarding a deposit of the sum of (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand USA Dollars)($5.6m usd) he deposited on my name. He instructed me to move immediately with the documents to a neighbouring country to seek asylum.I moved to the Republic of Guinee where i spent some time before finally moving to Dakar with the help of United Nation Agency.
Meanwhile i have located the bank,and have also discussed the possible transfer of the father left a clause that i must not invest in any where in africa that i have to introduce a trusted foreign partner who would be my trustee to help me invest this fund hence the need for your assistance. I request that you be my trustee and assist me in effecting the transfer of the fund to your account or an account you will nominate for investment.

You will also be responsible for the investment and management of the fund for me and also you will help me get a good school where i will further my education.we will agree on a percentage you will take for your assistance. Please let me know immediately if you can assist me so that I will give you more information about the deposit. I thank you in anticipation to your quick response.
yours sincerely
Miss Jane.

Scam letter:

From: Mrs.Stacey <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 12:48:41 PM
Subject: Greeting's from Mrs. Stacey.

Greeting's from Mrs. Stacey.

Dear, I was privileged to come across your contact through my personal check with the GCC Investment Trade Real estate Exhibition portal and I decided that I should establish a communication with you to acquiring some information on lucrative investment or real estate investment in UAE. 

However, I will appreciate if you can be of good assistance to me as I am willing to invest heavily in the UAE or any other market sector provided I will have a good partner or investor as well as fund manager who will guild on this business framework and as thus, share with me on the ROI in any venture which we have considered lucrative to invest in.

I have not managed any business before but have always dreamt of running my own establishment hence my desire to recapitalize in the GCC market. Basically, I am married to the Kelantan Royal Family here in Malaysia but at the moment undergoing a divorce process with my husband through the Sharia Court and hopefully will get this matter over within a couple of months and that is why I want to calve a niche for myself to be able to continue with my life and make my life meaningful when I leave my husband's family.

Finally, I shall make my strategies/logistics known to you upon your response and acceptance to work with me in my desired investment and trade deal within the GCC region.

Please get back to me as soon as possible for more details


Mrs. Stacey .

Scam letter:

From: Obaid. <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 12:35:39 PM
Subject: If you agree.


This message might meet you in (utmost surprise), however, it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction.I am a banker by profession from United Arab Emirates and currently holding the post of Director Auditing and Accounting unit of the bank.
I have the opportunity of transfering the left over funds ($ 17.5million) our bank deceased customer late Richard Burson, who died on (Egypt Air Flight 990) along with his family on a plane crash below.http: / / / 1 / hi / world / americas /
Hence i am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 65/35 as a brotherhood.
If you agree to my business proposal.further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as i receive your return mail.
Mr.Kazim Obaid.

Scam letter:

From: Nkosi Dlamini <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 12:00:15 PM


I am Mr. Nkosi Dlamini, Director, South Africa Department of Mineral and Energy. I make this contact with you based on the need for assistance with a money transfer.

This amount $28.5m represents over invoiced contract Value Executed on behalf of Department by a foreign contracting firm, which we the officials over-invoiced deliberately, of which the actual sum has been paid to the contractor that executed the contract.

Should you be willing to assist me in this transaction? Your share of the sum will be 30% of the $28.5million, 65% for us and 5% for taxation and miscellaneous expenses.

Please send your response to
Nkosi Dlamini

Scam letter:

From: HSBC <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 8:46:12 AM
Subject: Dear Valued HSBC Customer

Dear Valued HSBC Customer

It has come to our attention that your Online account informations needs to be updated as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website. If you could please take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and update your billing records so that you will not run into any future problems with our online banking service.

However, failure this will result in account suspensiony following the link below. .

HSBC Bank Plc
Security Advisor

Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.
For assistance, log in to your HSBC Online Bank account and choose the "Help" link on any page.

HSBC Email ID # 1009

See full details of our guarantee

Hsbc Bank PLC
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Registered in England
Registered No. 1026167

Internet communications are not guaranteed to be secure unless the data being sent is encrypted. Hsbc does not accept responsibility for loss arising from unauthorised access to Internet communications and/or the corruption of data by a third party.
Hsbc are unable to respond to replies sent to this email address.

Scam letter:

From: Yaseenc Niyaz <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 6:52:26 AM
Subject: GOOD DAY

ATTN: Beneficiary,
We, the entire members of the Audit Department of the Ministry of finance, on behalf of the resolution panel on contract payment, inheritance claims and lottery winnings , a meeting was held last week concerning release of withheld and overdue payments to beneficiaries, both foreign and local contractors, inheritance claims and lottery winnings.

Now youre new Payment Reference No.-35460021, Allocation No: 674632 Password No: 339331, Pin Code No: 55674 and your Certificate of Merit Payment No: 103, Released Code No: 0763; Immediate Telex confirmation No: -1114433; Secret Code No: XXTN013. Having received these vital payment numbers, Therefore you are now qualified to receive your funds

You are directed to contact: Paymaster .General Contact him now and inform him that you received an email from the SGBS Resolution panel, Instructing you to contact him for immediate release of your funds of 5.6 Million USD.

Note: forward your details to his office to avoid transfer mistake. Name: Gen. Dr. Sam Nice Email:

Dr.Yaseenc Niyaz

Scam letter:

From: Suzuki Motors Award 2010 <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 4:25:56 AM

Suzuki Motors Email
Promotion Award 2010

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of 5,000,000.00 Usd in Suzuki motors email promotion award ,,held Today, 2010 .The selections was carried out through random selection in Our computerized email selection system(ess) from a database of over 250,000 email Addresses drawn from which your email address was among the lucky winners as a second category winner ,your winning fall to our Asin Pacific region to start your claim, Contact our Asian payment center for claims:,

Agents Name: Mr Chen chen

note you have only 15 day to complete your claim. and keep all the lotto information out from public to avoid lost of information or double claim,

Fill the form below details
1. Name:
2. Address:
3. Marital Status:
4. Occupation:
5. Age:
6. Sex:
7. Nationality:
8. Country of Residence:
9. Telephone Number:

(1)Bank To Bank Transfer

Yours faithfully,
Mrs.Rose Chan


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Poll #039
Will USA announce default on its debt?

Poll #036
Is there a secret world government?

Poll #034
Do you know that money is a good servant but a bad master?

Poll #033
Is Forex similar to gambling?

Poll #032
What is your occupation?

Poll #031
Do you ever spend money for things you can do without?

Poll #030
Do you know that it is extremely hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God?

Poll #029
Why do you want to earn more money?

Poll #028
Are you determined and working hard to get out of debt?

Poll #026
What is your net yearly income (after taxes), USD?

Poll #024
What percentage of your income goes for paying your debts off?

Poll #023
What percentage of your income do you save?

Poll #021
What is the first step one should make to get out of debt?

Poll #018
Have you noticed that the more you give, the more you get?

Poll #017
What part of your income do you donate to charities?

Poll #016
What part of your income do you donate to Church?

Poll #015
What is the most important thing in getting out of debt?

Poll #014
What country has the healthiest (the most stable, reliable, and promising) economy?

Poll #013
Do you think credit cards are useful or harmful for people (not for bank owners)?

Poll #010
What currency is the strongest - in the long run (for the next 10-30 years)?

Poll #009
Do you have any savings?

Poll #008
Do you have any debts?

Poll #007
What is your religion?

Poll #005
What country are you from?

Poll #004
Do you think cash will eventually be removed from circulation?

Poll #003
What investment brings the highest profits with lowest risk?

Poll #002
What is the most reliable way to save money?


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